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I'd never dreamed about public speaking. I always thought it was only for extroverts and people with a lot of confidence. Femgineer's Confident Communicator Course guided me on how to speak and broke it down into action items to get to that goal. I became a better presenter! public speaking Tammy Coombs User Experience Designer
The course helped me put together a step-by-step plan of how to prepare a speech—how to identify areas I'll be speaking about and how to connect with audiences so that my speech would be more of a conversation than a lecture. public speaking Alex Kazakov CTO of Glownet


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You’ve been heads down. You’ve put in long hours. You’re starting to feel like you deserve to be recognized for your efforts.

You're waiting for someone to recognize all your hard work.

And then it happens...

The project you wanted goes to someone else. Or worse... a promotion!

You could continue to stay heads down and hope your peers and boss will recognize your efforts.

Or you could speak, share your expertise, and have people take notice of the work you’ve done!

A huge part of career success comes down to your communication skills: sharing your experiences and expertise. When you speak, people take notice and opportunities come to you. If you don’t speak up, opportunities will fly by.

But why would anyone care about what I have to say? I’m not an “expert.”

I’ve only been working for two months, two years, or two decades ...

I’m shy and introverted -- speaking up is exhausting and nerve-wracking!

If you feel like you don’t have tons of years under your belt or are new to a role, you’re probably wondering what you could possibly share that people would pay attention to.

As a result, you don't speak up in meetings, at conferences, and everywhere else.

You’re concerned about what to say, how to say it, and if anyone will bother listening.

You’re unsure about your expertise and how to speak authentically, using your own voice and style. But you DO have knowledge worth sharing. You’re not an impostor-- you deserve to be heard!

I have spoken up, but I’m not getting through to my teammates, customers, and decision-makers.

Then it’s time to get help!

Confident Communicator is THE course for learning how to communicate confidently in a number of contexts: one-on-one, in teams, in front of stakeholders, or before a larger audience.

The course will give you the skills you need to:

  • Excel in customer meetings
  • Nail job interviews
  • Pitch new projects
  • Push back when you don’t agree
  • Provide caring and compassionate feedback to teammates
  • Give memorable, effective presentations

Even if you consider yourself shy or introverted, or usually get nervous and anxious in such situations, you’ll gain the skills you need for effective communication.

This is THE course to improve your communication skills.

Whether you’ve given a talk or two, or never been in front of an audience before, you’ll benefit from our course. We can help you with confidence and engaging an audience, no matter your level.

Our course takes place over 8 weeks online in live, interactive sessions. You can’t get this much info anywhere else, and you’ll gain individualized attention and feedback from experts who can help you improve. No listening to a lecturer ramble on or boring video recordings—our small classes are the same as an in-person class.


Speaking coaches are great and will help you improve your public speaking.

But if you’re concerned about being able to communicate confidently in a number of contexts, then you’ll want to take our Confident Communicator Course.

It is a comprehensive course that tackles every facet of communication from one-one-one conversations, to managing accents, to getting on stage and presenting live!

No other course is going to provide you with this level of detail and individualized attention like we do!

public speaking

Say goodbye to stage fright

public speaking

Communicate in
any situation

public speaking

Ignite your career by speaking up


You realize your current methods of getting through to your teammates, your customers, and your bosses aren’t working.

You’re tired of worrying about what to say, how to say it, and you want to be heard.

You want to speak up and get what you want!

Unlike executive speaking coaches and casual meet-ups, Confident Communicator is THE course for teaching you how to communicate confidently in a number of contexts: one-on-one, in teams, in front stakeholders or a larger audience. You’ll receive live feedback from instructors and peers as you move through the course, and be held accountable for your success.

People will listen to what you say and remember it, and their lives will be better for having heard you speak. You’ll gain the respect of your peers. Decision-makers will take notice of all your innovative ideas that have faded away in email chains or have simply been lying dormant.



You don’t want to miss out on this.

If you work hard, but hardly getting noticed...

OR you don’t want to feel that knot in your stomach every time a difficult conversation comes up, then you’ll want to consider taking the course now.

Just imagine where you could be in two months…

You could be seated in a meeting clearly, calmly, and confidently communicating your ideas.

You could be nailing that next job interview.

You could be presenting to your co-workers, customers, or an audience with your chin up and your head held high, while they’re sitting at the edge of their seats listening to your every word.

It’s possible and our previous students are proof!

public speaking
Lyndi Thompson

Marketing Programs Specialist

"I worked with Poornima for many years, and I found the course and her coaching techniques to be incredibly powerful for me personally. She is the reason I can do public speaking events without turning bright red with nervousness."


Level up your career through effective communication.

  • Master the key skills that you need to communicate in any situation.
  • Gain confidence so you can present your ideas on stage, to key stakeholders, or within your company.
  • Know exactly what you need to do to get your message across in an engaging way.
  • Learn communication tactics that will help you level up your career.

A proven, validated process that helps you improve your skills immediately

  • 2 hours/week of hands-on, case study driven, and discussion-based workshops, plus a 90 minute lab to help you hone your skills.
  • Group coaching with expert instructors.
  • Personalized feedback on communication exercises.
  • Access to Femgineer's global alumni community, for life.
Why Confident Communicator Works

This isn’t fluffy stuff. All the work you do will help your speaking skills.

  • Be guided through an 8-week online course that contains step-by-step lessons starting with idea and ending with launch strategies.
  • Complete exercises at the end of each lesson, submit them, and receive ongoing feedback from instructors tailored to your situation.
  • Receive individual checkins from instructors and other students, who will act as your accountability partner to make sure you stay on track!
  • Be invited to participate in an active and engaged community of founders around the globe who are also building software products.
  • Receive lifetime access to the materials, including future additions and improvements.


In this course, you’ll have access to instructors who will teach you the following, and provide one-on-one feedback to help you grow:

  • Get comfortable giving and receiving feedback
  • Have fun speaking in public or within your office
  • Overcome performance anxiety
  • Keep your audience at the edge of their seats
  • Learn how to create engaging slides
  • Speak in front of any size audience in all settings
  • Look at your own knowledge and select a speaking topic
  • Write 5-minute lightning talks and long form presentations
  • Submit proposals to speak at your company or an industry conference

The course transforms people who are afraid to speak up into confident communicators who can share their expertise and their company’s vision!

Our course gives participants the hands-on help they need to become comfortable presenting talks and keynotes to any size audience, and in settings ranging from intimate conversations to large-scale conferences.


This course is for anyone with either a technical or business background who is looking to gain the confidence they need to discover and share their expertise in public.

Whether you’ve given a talk or two, or never been in front of an audience before, you’ll benefit from our course. We can help you with confidence and engaging an audience, no matter your level.

public speaking

Startup founder who wants to spotlight their business at events to attract customers and recruit employees.

As the head of a business, your speaking skills matter. You’re responsible for getting people to understand your vision and your company’s mission. You want to persuade prospective customers to use your product or service, and you want to convince talented candidates to work for you.

public speaking

Company or Team Leader

A key ingredient to leadership is clear and effective communication. You need to be able to propose projects, justify decisions to leaders, resolve keep them motivated and moving ahead.

public speaking

Rising Star Employee

You’ve got ideas that will help your team and your organization get ahead, but you’re not sure if they’re good enough and how to convey them. You want to be more confident when you speak to your teammates one-on-one and in meetings.

public speaking

Emerging Industry Expert

You want to make a name for yourself in your industry, whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or a stellar employee. You want to help others who are newer to your industry than you are, and share your experiences and expertise with them.

Hear from some of our past students

How one startup founder said goodbye to nerves when giving talks.

As a startup founder and growth hacker, I’ve been invited to speak at a number of popular conferences. But I used to get so nervous that I’d psych myself into being overly calm, so I lacked enthusiasm during my talks. Poornima was able to work with my specific strengths and weaknesses to help me present in a way where I was most comfortable and confident.

public speaking
Matt Berman

CEO & Co-Founder

How one UX designer impressed interviewers.

Around week 6 of the course, I was suddenly called on to give a presentation to a potential client. I was still nervous, but I focused on applying what I had learned in the course to the presentation, and it helped to have Karen and Poornima cheering me on. At the end of her presentation one of the attendees came up to me and said, “Wow Tammy, you are such a confident presenter!”

public speaking
Tammy Coombs

UX Designer


We wish we could serve everyone, but at this time we cannot help you if you are:
  • Focused on pitching investors to raise capital.
  • Looking to get paid to speak.

    Learn from anywhere, with flexible options for you. Our live, interactive online course, coupled with hands-on exercises and self-study materials, gives you the ideal blend of experience, freedom, flexibility, and peer support.

    You’ll come to class twice per week—on Mondays and Tuesdays—and will also participate in a 90 minute lab held on Thursdays. Before each lab, you’ll be given an assignment and will need to create a recording, which you’ll submit a few days in advance. Instructors will go through the recordings, and give you individualized feedback. As you’re recording, you’re chronicling your speaking journey, so you’ll be able to chart your progress along the way.

    public speaking

    MODULE 1

    Deliver Like A Pro

    • Learn how to overcome stage fright so you can present in front of an audience without freaking out.
    • See how vocal inflections, tone, and body language affect how well messages are communicated.
    public speaking

    MODULE 2

    Practice Interpersonal Skills That Wow

    • Learn how to run and participate in effective meetings from Karen Catlin’s tried and tested Meeting Maven framework.
    • Learn the process for pitching a big idea to leaders, colleagues, customers, and other audience teammates, executives, and other stakeholders.
    • Perfect the process of giving and receiving feedback from Poornima Vijayashanker.
    public speaking

    MODULE 3

    Extract Your Expertise & Create Talks

    • Dig deep to uncover your strengths and unique perspective. See how you can extract expertise and use it to captivate an audience.
    • Learn how to choose a topic, identify your ideal audience, find key takeaways, and pitch it to event organizers, in-house stakeholders, and others.
    • Learn how to package your talk into a persuasive proposal.
    public speaking

    MODULE 4

    Practice Telling Stories & Giving Talks

    • Learn how to tell stories that make your insights and expertise come alive.
    • Develop your talk from start to finish.
    • Learn how to effectively practice your talk until the nerves fall away.
    public speaking

    MODULE 5

    Learn How to Give Effective Talks

    • Learn the subtle differences between short form and long form talks, as well as workshops and training sessions.
    • Identify what makes an effective short form and long form talk.
    • Learn how to lead workshops and training sessions that inspire confidence.
    • Learn strategies for handling Q&A sessions like a pro.
    • How to design stunning slides.
    • Learn how to modify presentations for other mediums.
    • See how you can scale your talk so that it reaches more people.
    public speaking

    MODULE 6

    How to Have A Vibrant Presence &
    Connect With Audiences

    • Learn to unleash your vibrant, charismatic presence-- no matter the audience. It doesn’t matter if you’re introverted or shy.


    This year we're offering two additional weeks, after the 8-week course, dedicated to diving into skills that students may need personalized coaching on.

    The skills focused modules will take place April 17, 2017 - April 26, 2017.

    Students can pick from one of the following modules:

    • Accent Reduction
    • Interview Skills for technical and non-technical interviews
    • Negotiation Skills

    New students (those who have NOT previously participated in the Confident Communicator Course) must register for the full course, and pay an additional fee of $500 for participating in one of the skills focused modules.

    Students who have previously participated in the Confident Communicator Course, may register for just one of the skills focused modules without having to register and pay for the full 8-week course.

    public speaking

    Accent Reduction Module

    • In this module, Jeffrey Davis will provide classes + hands-on exercises for students who are non-native English speakers.
    • Students will leave feeling more confident and prepared when in front of a large audience.
    • Jeffrey has worked with students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, aiding students to become engaged, audience-focused speakers, and has developed an affinity for helping students to speak English more fluently without losing the use of their accent-of-origin.
    public speaking

    Negotiation Skills Module

    • In this module, Lauren Hasson and Poornima Vijayashanker will provide classes + hands-on exercises for students to help them improve their negotiation skills in a variety of settings such as salary compensation, handling deals customer deals, and more.
    • Lauren and Poornima have helped students negotiate salary raises from $5K-$20K+, and have helped students close 5 to 6-figure contracts with customers.
    public speaking

    Interview Skills Module

    • In this module, Karen Catlin and Poornima Vijayashanker will provide classes + hands-on exercises to help students prepare for entry to executive level technical and non-technical interviews.
    • In the second week, students will be divided into groups of technical and non-technical interviewees for additional practice.
    public speaking

    Our next course starts February 2017


    Skills focused module dates



    Mondays & Tuesdays

    3 - 4pm PST



    3 - 4:30pm PST


    Convenient live online instruction

    Each week students will attend classes which are taught via live video. Recordings will also be provided. Students are to attend classes, and complete weekly exercises that get submitted for instructor feedback. Homework will often consist of students recording themselves speaking on a topic.

    Online labs

    Instructors will hold labs once a week for 90 minutes. Students are encouraged to attend labs to connect with instructors and receive live feedback on their presentations. All lab sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be made available for students.

    Hands on help

    Students will improve their speaking skills by doing, and will receive ongoing feedback from instructors each week.

    A balance of group support and individual attention

    While the primary feedback will come from instructors, students will also get the chance to review their peers and receive feedback from them.

    A rigorous but manageable course

    Students can expect to spend 1-3 hours a week total on this course. Homework exercises will be given weekly, and will need to be completed before the next week’s exercises, so that instructors can provide feedback in a timely manner. Homework exercises will build on one another and give students ample practice to improve their speaking. By the end of the course, students will be armed with the tools and motivation to go book their first talk and knock the delivery out of the park.

    Visible transformation

    Student will be expected to record all talks, which will help them see their progress each week.

    Instructors who are available

    Instructors will be available to answer questions via email and on our Slack channel. Students can expect a response within 48 hours.


    You want to level up your career, but you’re not sure how. Maybe you get stage fright, don’t know how to bring up your ideas in meetings, or are worried about being boring when you give talks. We can help.

    We've seen far too many people give up too early, afraid that they’ll never be able to get over their fears. We've also identified tactics that can help you put stage fright behind you. With our course, you'll be set up to become a confident communicator that can have impact.

    There are other options for courses out there, but here’s how we’re different:

    public speaking

    Our course is online and accessible wherever you are. It’s just like an in-person course.

    public speaking

    You’ll get individualized feedback from experienced practitioners who regularly give talks to tech audiences.

    public speaking

    You’re in technology, so you want someone who knows the field. We’re domain specific.

    Unlike other online courses, ours is interactive—it’s as close as you can get to an in-person course. You’ll get to interact with the instructors, asking them questions and getting feedback. We also partner you up with a study buddy to keep you accountable.

    Confident Communicator is THE course for improving your communication skills. No other course will give you the individualized attention like we do.

    We're proud to see our alumni go on to give talks at conferences, speak up in meetings, embrace new opportunities, and lead teams.


    How is Confident Communicator better than a free workshop or in-house coach?

    Free workshops and coaches are great, but we offer a lot more individualized attention than any other course. You’ll get personalized feedback from our experienced instructors in a small classroom setting, and you’ll even get a buddy to hold you accountable. You’ll learn from the feedback the instructors give not only to you but to the other students as well. We have a lab, and we request that you complete assignments, to ensure you’re making progress along the way. We’re in the tech space, so unlike many other options, our methods are zeroed in on your industry.

    Wait ... how can an online course help with public speaking?

    Although our course is online, it is THE equivalent to having an in-house speaking coach for your company, just more convenient because you can attend whether you’re in San Francisco, Houston, or Hong Kong. You won’t be watching boring video recordings—our course is interactive and will simulate the experience of a live talk. You’ll get lots of practice that will be applicable.

    Is this a general public speaking course, or specifically for technies?

    It’s both. Our course can help anyone who wants to level up their communication and public speaking skills, but we’re tech specific, and one of our focuses is on helping you present difficult concepts to a lay person.

    Why should I trust Femgineer?

    We founded Femgineer because we want to empower forward-thinking techies of all backgrounds. We’ve seen a lot of people give up too early, afraid that they’ll never be able to get over their fears. We’ve been in this space for a long time, and have identified tactics that can help you put stage fright behind you. Our alumni go on to give talks at conferences, speak up in meetings, embrace new opportunities, and lead teams.

    How can I convince my boss this course is good for me and my company?

    We've put together a brochure you can share with your boss and use to get them to sponsor your participation in the course. Click here to view and download the brochure.


    We’ve brought together a cadre of instructors who are seasoned public speakers and sought-after experts on public speaking skills. The instructors have given talks and taught workshops on public speaking at leading tech companies, at conferences, and universities, including Adobe, Altera, Atlassian, Dropbox, Facebook, Intuit, Pinterest, Salesforce, SAP, UC Berkeley, and the Grace Hopper Celebration.

    Poornima Vijayashanker


    Poornima is the founder of Femgineer. Previously, she was the founding engineer of Mint.com. She has been speaking in public for 20+ years, has given hundreds of talks around the world that range from technical to business talks to keynotes at universities, conferences, and corporate events.

    Karen Caitlin


    Karen is a leadership coach, an advocate for women in the tech industry, and co-author of "Present! A Techie’s Guide to Public Speaking." A sought-after public speaker herself, Karen regularly gives talks at leading tech companies, conferences, and universities. In 2014, she delivered a TEDx talk: "Women in Tech - The Missing Force."

    Karen is on the Board of Directors of The CLUB, an incubator of women leaders. Through Brown University Women's Launch Pad, she mentors young women about to start their careers.

    Formerly, Karen was a vice president at Adobe Systems.

    In 2015, the California State Assembly honored her with the Wonder Women Tech Innovator Award for outstanding achievements in business and technology and for being a role model for women.

    You can find her online at karencatlin.com.

    Jeffrey Davis


    Jeffrey is the founder of Speak Clear Communications. Jeffrey has worked with students from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, aiding students to become engaged, audience-focused speakers, and has developed an affinity for helping students to speak English more fluently without losing the use of their accent-of-origin.

    Elissa Weinzimmer


    Elissa is a voice and movement coach, who believes everyone is capable of having a vibrant presence, even those who are introverted or shy. She helps public speakers become more attune to the energy in their bodies, so they can open up pathways for confident and easy communication that previously seemed impossible. Learn more about her business Voice Body Connection.

    How much is it?

    Learn from anywhere, with flexible options for you. Our live, interactive online courses, coupled with hands-on exercises and self-study materials, give you the ideal blend of experience, freedom, flexibility, and peer support.


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    Get full access to:

    • Confident Communicator course
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    • Many extra bonuses
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    Includes all the benefits of the full course PLUS one of the following skills focused modules:

    • Accent Reduction
    • Interview Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
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    (Choose a module after completing registration.)

    Contact us for group pricing

    Our 60-day Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to love your experience with Femgineer and understand that stuff comes up. If an unforeseen emergency comes up during the class, let us know, and we’ll work with you to figure out an arrangement.

    At any time during the course, if you feel like you aren't getting the results you want, you're welcome to drop out. If you’re not 100% satisfied with this course, we don’t want your money.

    You have 60 days from the start of the first class to cancel, and receive a full refund.

    public speaking


    How A Security Leader Learned To Make A Technical Talk On Security Interesting With Storytelling

    One of the goals in the Confident Communicator Course is to transform boring technicals into ones that excite and engage an audience.

    Raji Vanninathan was one student who did just that.

    As you watch her final presentation you'll see how she hooks audiences from the very beginning and transforms a boring talk on security engaging and interesting.

    Watch Raji's final presentation >>

    public speaking
    Raji Vanninathan

    Security Leader, California, USA

    How A CTO Took His Public Speaking Skills To The Next Level

    We have a number of students who participate in the Confident Communicator Course who have given talks before, and want to take their speaking to the next level.

    Scott Ford was one such student.

    As you watch his final presentation you'll see how he embrace many elements taught in the course such as storytelling, a clear message, attractive visuals, and a clear conclusion.

    Watch Scott's final presentation >>

    public speaking
    Scott Ford

    CTO of Corgibytes, Virginia, USA

    How One Software Engineer Overcome Her Struggle To Connect And Engage With Audiences

    Geeta Vinnakota believed in the power of public speaking but was struggling to appear dynamic, explain technical concepts to a lay audience and create visually appealin slides.

    As you watch the video below, you'll see how Geeta was performing at the start of the course, and how by the end she had learned to break down complex technical concepts, has clear visuals that help a lay audience understand what she's speaking about.

    Watch Geeta's final presentation >>

    public speaking
    Geeta Vinnakota

    Senior Software Engineer, California, USA

    How An Experienced Speaker Took Her Public Speaking Skills To The Next Level

    Not everyone who participates in the Confident Communicator Course is new to speaking. Some people take the course to learn additional techniques and as a catalyst for putting a talk together on an area of expertise.

    Nandita Mangal was one such student.

    As you watch her final presentation below, you'll see how she embraces many elements taught in the course such as storytelling, a clear message, attractive visuals, and a fun conclusion.

    Watch Nandita's final presentation >>

    public speaking
    Nandita Mangal

    Experience Design - Self Driving Cars, California, USA

    How One CTO Gained the Confidence He Needed to Put His Best Ideas Forward

    Alex Kazakov has been passionate about technology for as long as he can remember.

    Now CTO of Glownet, a now 25-person company that makes RFID wristband technology for the event industry, he is often called upon as a mentor and coach to fellow engineers who rely on him for guidance and leadership—often to pursue new business challenges for the first time.

    Since the earliest days of his career as a developer and now as a product owner who manages a team of developers, Alex has always gravitated towards opportunities to be a leader and coach. As a recognized role model, he has even presented at (and won) one of the largest business competitions in Russia.

    But Alex felt that his accomplishments weren’t enough—he knew that he had room to improve. In his growth as a leader, Alex has amassed a wealth of firsthand expertise in the field of human technology. But unlike previous roles in which he was an individual contributor, he is now responsible for managing complex, cross-functional teams to achieve goals that sometimes don't have a path forward—he found himself needing a better way to communicate his ideas across these groups.

    Read on to learn how the Confident Communicator Course helped Alex communicate his ideas effectively >>

    public speaking
    Alex Kazakov

    CTO of Glownext, Madrid, Spain

    How One UX Leader Faced Her Fears of Public Speaking and Telling Her Story—and Won

    Tammy was tired of being nervous—it was the one challenge that she felt held her back from sharing her expertise as a leader, as well as opportunities for her to share her unique insight at conferences and industry panels.

    Her challenge boiled down to a classic case of imposter syndrome—the deceptive feeling of not having ‘earned’ or ‘deserving of’ certain achievements. Even with 10+ years as a user experience designer (with many accomplishments under her belt), Tammy didn’t feel like an expert. When called on to lead a presentation, conduct a usability test with a customer, or share her expertise during a job interview, she’d get scared. And making things worse, other people were noticing.

    “I’d get feedback saying that I seemed nervous or talked too formally,” she explains.

    Read on to learn how the Confident Communicator Course helped Tammy conquer her fear of public speaking >>

    public speaking
    Tammy Coombs

    UX Designer