Your ideas can change the world

You have an idea in your head. Maybe even more than one! But you’re stuck simmering on it because you just don’t know if it’s the right one to pursue. You’re wondering whether people will even use your product, let alone pay for it. The uncertainty is overwhelming, so you do … nothing.

But what if you were confident that your idea would help people? How would you feel if you turned your passion into a living, breathing software product … and you made money from it?

I’ve founded 3 startups and personally guided 100+ people who have launched products that make 6 and 7 figures per year. We all started with varying levels of technical and business know-how—or none at all—but we all were passionate about an idea. Now, I travel around the country teaching people how to bring their ideas to life. With the right roadmap in front of you, you can launch a winning software product too.

“But I don’t know how to code or run a business.”

The tangled world of startups and software development is intimidating and hard to navigate.

To start with, not every entrepreneur knows how to code. Even the ones who do still need other skills to succeed; they need to design a good user experience, figure out how to attract paying customers, and hire and fire technical talent. There are hundreds of tools and services to help build products, and they need to know which ones are useless and which ones will save them time. They’ll eventually run out of cash to keep paying rent and developing, and will need to figure out whether to get investors, apply to an accelerator, or bootstrap.

Trial and error takes years of research, setbacks, and heartache … not to mention a lot of money. You could go to design school, teach yourself how to code in the off-hours, and spend thousands of dollars testing marketing campaigns. Or you could...

Follow a proven guide for turning your ideas into successful products (and even 6- to 7-figure businesses).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Validate your idea before you spend time and money on it.
  • Talk to prospective customers without feeling awkward or pushy.
  • Leave competitors in the dust with good design and positioning.
  • Save time and heartache by building only the features people will actually use.
  • Hire talented people to build your product for you.
  • Get more paying customers with scrappy marketing strategies.
  • Find money to fund your business.

  • This guide includes time-tested strategies and tools that entrepreneurs love:

  • 7 interviews with successful startup founders and early employees.
  • Over 13 case studies with the inside scoop on companies like, AirBnB, and Zappos.
  • The exact systems and tools I use build rock-solid products.
  • In-Depth Interviews with Founders & Early Employees


    Melody McCloskey

    CEO & Co-Founder of StyleSeat

    You'll learn from Melody:

    • Why you don’t need to be technical
    • How to focus on a large niche market
    • How to fundraise from investors

    Brittany Forsyth

    Head of Human Relations at Shopify

    You'll learn from Brittany:

    • Why you should work on someone else's idea
    • How an early employee can make an impact
    • Why you don't need to know everything

    Ben Congleton

    CEO & Co-Founder of Olark

    You'll learn from Ben:

    • How to start a business at any age
    • How to bootstrap your business to profitability
    • Why it takes time to find co-founders

    Julia Grace

    Head of Engineering at Tindie

    You'll learn from Julia:

    • When it's OK to take shortcuts
    • How to hire technical talent
    • How to keep your technical team motivated

    Thomson Nguyen

    CEO & Co-Founder of Framed Data

    You'll learn from Thomson:

    • How to apply your expertise to a product
    • Why you should focus on discovering your customer's problem

    Alyssa Ravasio

    CEO & Co-Founder of Hipcamp

    You'll learn from Alyssa:

    • Why you'll want to ship a prototype
    • The reasons for learning to code vs. hiring someone to build a prototype

    David Cummings

    CEO & Co-Founder of Pardot

    You'll learn from David:

    • Why you don't need to hire an experienced team
    • That you can build a successful company outside Silicon Valley
    • How you can build a sizable business without outside funding

    People Are Already Raving About the Guide

    Poornima is a great storyteller. This is a great book for anyone that needs help to turn their ideas into viable businesses.
    Adii Pienaar
    Adii Pienaar
    Founder of WooThemes
    Poornima's comprehensive book will teach you everything you need to know about getting a business from the earliest idea generation phase to practical launch strategies and beyond. A resource I wish I had when I was starting out.
    Hiten Shah
    Hiten Shah
    Co-Founder of KISSmetrics
    If you’re stuck at the idea stage, this is the book for you. Poornima’s encouragement is infectious, and reading this book will give you the confidence to just go for it.
    Jocelyn Goldfein
    Jocelyn Goldfien
    Director at Facebook

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    Product Pro

    Lean Product Development Course

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    Learn from pros who have built successful products and 6- to 7-figure businesses like David Kadavy, Noah Kagan, Sarah Doody, and Poornima Vijayashanker.

    What you’ll get:

    • Self-study online video course broken down into 8 weeks (15+ hours of content)
    • 8 weeks of homework assignments
    • Access to Facebook group where you can ask questions related to the course and assignments
    • How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products (348-page e-book) View the table of contents here.
    • Maria Molfino's course: Ease Your Inner Critic to Innovate Freely (3-module MP3 audio course)

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    Course Syllabus


    Build a Product, Hire a Team, and Fund Your Product Development

    Poornima Vijayashanker is the Founder of Femgineer & EIR at 500 Startups, previously founding engineer at

    From Poornima you'll learn how to:

    • Validate an idea before you build it!
    • Price your product.
    • Identify and attract early adopters who will pay.
    • Hire and retain top technical talent.
    • Fund product development.

    Create Insightful User Experiences and Bring Product Features to Life

    Sarah Doody is a user experience designer who consults with startups and Fortune 500 companies.

    From Sarah you'll learn how to:

    • Come up with user insights.
    • Turn insights into action.
    • Tell a compelling story behind your product.
    • Design the user experience of a product.
    • Plan out features to put into a product.

    Visual Design Reverse Engineered

    David Kadavy is a designer and author of Design for Hackers (debuted #18 on Amazon).

    From David you’ll learn how to:

    • Analyze your competitor's product design.
    • Design for a competitive advantage.
    • Evaluate, communicate with, and hire designers.
    • Launch a product and make money without “high design.”

    Scrappy Marketing Strategies to Accelerate Growth

    Noah Kagan is the founder of AppSumo and author of, and was an early employee at Facebook and

    From Noah you’ll learn how to:

    • Start small, then scale.
    • Get customers to tell you what they need.
    • Convey your offering to customers.
    • Identify activities that hold you back from accelerating.
    • Identify key marketing channels to accelerate growth.

    Starter Kit

    Ease Your Inner Critic to Innovate Freely Course

    Price $99

    Learn to remove mental obstacles to help you create freely and do your most meaningful work!

    So you’re passionate about an idea and want to turn it into a software product. Don’t let your inner critic stop you from reaching your goals! In this course, Poornima Vijayashanker teams up with Maria Molfino, Stanford-trained personal and professional growth teacher, to help you embrace risks and reap the rewards. They’ll share a proven toolkit of mental strategies so you can innovate wildly and finish what you started when the going gets rough.

    What you’ll get:

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    maria molfino

    You'll gain:

    • The confidence to try risky, innovative ideas that lead to huge payoffs.
    • Case studies that reveal the sneaky ways the inner critic limits you on a daily basis.
    • Strategies to support your teammates and co-founders in managing their inner critics, so that your whole team can create freely.
    • Easy steps you can try today to knock down mental barriers and start getting things done.
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    The Guide

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