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  • The only thing that limits what you’re capable of is what you believe you can do. Femgineer’s Lean Product Development Program is a great crash course on the non-optional basics of how to build a product that people will love.

    Alyssa Ravasio Founder of Hipcamp
  • I worked with Poornima for many years and I found her coaching and techniques to be incredibly powerful for me personally. She is the reason I can do speaking events without turning bright red with nervousness.

    Lyndi Thompson Marketing Programs Specialist @ Tableau Software, Seattle, WA
  • I'd never dreamed about public speaking. I always thought it was for only extroverts and people with a lot of confidence. Femgineer's Confident Communicator Course guided on how to speak and broke it down into action items to get to that goal. I became a better presenter!

    Tammy Coombs User Experience Designer

Get free weekly lessons to innovate & inspire!