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Present with confidence & CATAPULT YOUR CAREER Learn how to give talks that:
  • Authentically connect with audiences
  • Leave a lasting impression
  • Lead to new opportunities

public speaking


At some point in your career you will have to speak at an event to a group of people.

That group could be your colleagues, customers, employer or even potential investors!

It's a great opportunity to be heard, showcase yourself, and your work.

You're excited, but there are butterflies in your stomach.
public speaking

You worry about:

- Having something unique to say
- Not being an so-called "expert"
- Being new to your industry or job role
- Audiences tuning out while you speak
- Impressing your peers or your boss
- Having a vibrant presence
- Your nerves getting the best of you
- Those sweaty palms, shaky legs, and crackly voice!

What can you really do?

You can do the following:

Option 1

Panic and hide under your desk

Option 2

Learn how to present like a pro

Introducing Present! The ultimate interactive public speaking guide from tech speakers
Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin that prepares and encourages
techies to discover their expertise, confidently share it, and successfully level up in their careers.

public speaking

public speaking
A recent study by Chapman University researched the fears and anxieties of the American population. It covered everything from personal safety, the government, war, disasters, crime, and more.

There are some heavy subjects in that list. Can you guess what the number one fear is?

Public speaking.

Yep. It turns out that people are more scared by speaking in public than by blood, zombies, heights, spiders, snakes, drowning, and the dark!

Yet you can overcome this fear and learn the skill of public speaking with easy-to-follow steps -- and command the attention, recognition, and admiration of your colleagues.

Inside Present!, we teach you how to quickly overcome your fear, uncover hidden areas of expertise, mesmerize audiences like a pro, and give compelling talks to level up your career.

Even if you:
  • Are shy, introverted, or soft spoken
  • Have never spoken before
  • Find it uncomfortable to speak to an audience
  • Have an accent
  • Are new to a role or have just a few years of experience in the industry
  • Are always heads down and pressed for time

What’s inside the book?

public speaking

Part I: Get in the Speaker State of Mind

How public speaking will catapult your career in ways you never knew were possible.

Chapter 1: Get Ready to Transform Your Career
Chapter 2: Keep It Conversational
public speaking

Part II: Create Your Talk

How to uncover your hidden expertise even if you don't consider yourself an expert. Plus a step-by-step process for creating a talk with stories that will hook audiences, and how to write a proposal that is sure to get you into speaking events.

Chapter 3: Find a Topic
Chapter 4: Identify Your Ideal Audience
Chapter 5: Tell a Story
Chapter 6: Pitch Your Talk
Chapter 7: Develop Your Talk
Chapter 8: Practice
public speaking

Part III: Deliver Like a Pro

Get over your stage fright and present like a pro, no matter how nervous you are or what your experience level is.

Chapter 9: Get Over Stage Fright
Chapter 10: Style Your Talk
Chapter 11: Create Stunning Slides
public speaking

Part IV: Finishing Touches

Appear polished and poised on presentation day in front of any audience. You’ll learn how to finesse Q&A sessions, handle tough audiences, and attract them to our talk.

Chapter 12: Finesse Q&A Sessions
Chapter 13: Handle Heckers and Tough Audiences
Chapter 14: Prep for Presentation Day
Chapter 15: Promote Your Talk
public speaking

Part V: Special Talk Formats

Leverage your talks and increase their reach. Learn how to adapt your presentation for different formats and online mediums, plus attract a wider audience.

Chapter 16: Lightning Talks
Chapter 17: Long-Form Talks
Chapter 18: Panels
Chapter 19: Webinars and Podcasts
public speaking

Bonus Chapter: Become a Meeting Maven

Get buy-in from your boss and teammates, even if they've said no before! You’ll learn how to present requests and proposals at meetings to get what you want like more vacation time or persuade your team to pursue a multimillion-dollar initiative.

public speaking

Interactive Bundle

Each chapter has references to the interactive bundle, which contains video tutorials and additional resources to turn you into a presentation pro!


Audio Interviews on Advanced Topics

public speaking

Develop a Vibrant Presence with Elissa Weinzimmer
Voice and Movement Coach

Elissa believes everyone is capable of having a vibrant presence, even those who are introverted or shy. She helps public speakers become more attune to the energy in their bodies, so they can open up pathways for confident and easy communication that previously seemed impossible.

In this interview you'll learn:

  • Why you don't need to be a social butterfly to have a vibrant presence
  • Techniques to feel more confident even when you're nervous and feel shaky!

Listen to the full interview below

public speaking

Attract More Customers and Talented Employees with Claire Lew
CEO of Know Your Company

Claire began public speaking as a kid, getting her start in model UN, and then in college as the student body president. But Claire was by no means a social butterfly, in fact she considers herself an introvert, and began public speaking to feel more comfortable in front others.

You'll learn:

  • Why it's important for CEOs & Founders to speak in public
  • How speaking in public attracts customers & recruits employees
  • How to present your product & company without sounding like you’re selling from the stage
public speaking

Deliver Killer Keynotes with Julia Wojnar
Founder of Unleash Your Presence

Julia Wojnar teaches entrepreneurs how to write and deliver killer keynote speeches. As a small child, she did musical theatre and acting, and draws some of her best presentation tricks from the performing world when she coaches her clients.

You'll learn:

  • Julia’s #1 pre-speech tip for calming nerves and improving audience connection
  • How she helps her clients get over their concern about being an "expert"
  • How to structure stories that will appeal to your audience
  • How to handle the feedback you receive
public speaking

Manage Your Accent and Use it to Your Advantage with Lucila Campos
CEO & Co-Founder of Funnely

Lucila is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and a native Spanish speaker. Over the past 7 years, Lucila has been working in English, become a fluent speaker, and gone on to build a technology startup in the US market. While many people would feel self-conscious about their accent, Lucila has not let her accent stop her from presenting and pitching investors!

You'll learn:

  • Why it’s OK to be concerned about your accent, but to not let it stop you from presenting & pitching!
  • How to manage your accent
  • How Lucila got her start speaking and some recommendations for how you can get started as well
  • Why audience often understand Lucila better than native English speakers!

About the authors

Poornima Vijayashanker

Poornima Vijayashanker is currently the founder of Femgineer and is an avid public speaker who gives talks around the world on topics ranging from engineering to entrepreneurship. She has a monthly web show called FemgineerTV sponsored by Pivotal Tracker. Watch the show and a number of her talks on the Femgineer YouTube Channel

Poornima has also been an entrepreneur-in-residence at 500 Startups, a lecturer at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering, and the founding engineer at, where she helped build, launch and scale the product until its acquisition in 2009.

Poornima holds degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering.
Karen Catlin

Karen Catlin is a leadership coach and advocate for women in the tech industry. She coaches professionals in public speaking and last year she delivered a TEDx talk: "Women in Tech - The Missing Force." Karen is on the Board of Directors of The CLUB, an incubator of women leaders. Through Brown University Women's Launch Pad, she mentors young women about to start their careers.

Formerly, Karen was a vice president at Adobe Systems. In 2015, the California State Assembly honored her with the Wonder Women Tech Innovator Award for outstanding achievements in business and technology and for being a role model for women.

Karen holds a degree in Computer Science from Brown University.

What other people are saying about Present!

public speaking

When you're delivering a personal message or sharing your expertise, it's easy to get nervous and bogged down in bits and bytes, rather than thinking about what will appeal to an audience. If you want to learn to get over the fear factor and connect with any audience, then you need to read this book!”

Dan Martell, Serial Entrepreneur,
Investor & Speaker

public speaking

Public speaking is an important part of being a thought leader, especially in the tech industry, but there aren't many resources to get you started. This book was incredibly helpful, inspiring, relatable and has in effect made me a more confident and charismatic public speaker.”

Eileen Carey, CEO and Founder, Glassbreakers

public speaking

This book should be required reading for all tech industry professionals. Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin offer a step-by-step process to develop a talk from scratch along with at-home exercises and colorful examples. It’s nuanced, detailed advice that can’t be missed!”

Jeffrey Davis, Executive Speech Coach

I've worked with Poornima for many years and I found her coaching and techniques to be incredibly powerful for me personally. She is the reason I can do speaking events without turning bright red with nervousness.”

Lyndi Thompson, Marketing Programs Specialist @ Tableau Software, Seattle, WA

Written by two highly accomplished women who themselves are professional speakers and advocates for women in tech, this book delivers truly invaluable insights and personal stories that inspire women and all techies on their paths to speaking success.

Poornima and Karen have created a fantastic resource for creating and delivering engaging talks, exploring personal speaking styles, boosting confidence, and ultimately achieving personal and career goals. ”

Mona Sabet, General Manager, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing

I wish I’d had this book earlier in my career!
Covering everything from getting over stage fright to crafting slides, this is a must-read for anyone
serious about growing their public speaking skills.”

— Mary Ann Walsh, Former VP of Macromedia

After reading Present!, you’ll be actively seeking opportunities to give talks or to present in meetings. Poornima and Karen share actionable insights that will increase your confidence and preparedness for public speaking, enabling more effective delivery for both new and experienced speakers.”

The CLUB, An Incubator of Women Leaders

public speaking

Giving great presentations is so important for your career, yet it's hard to find solid advice and lessons specifically for tech people. This book is laser-focused on exactly that. It has everything you need to get out from behind your screen and start sharing your stories with people who want to hear them.

The guided activities are AMAZING. They were super fun, and I was able to identify and start building important skills in just a few minutes.”

— Sandi MacPherson, Founder of Quibb, 50/50 Pledge


public speaking

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