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Calling all women: Contribute to Wikipedia

While the tech industry is a lovely melting pot of people and innovation, it can be overwhelming to stay abreast of it all. New technologies, companies, and acronyms pop up all the time. We work with people from varied cultures, with traditions and holidays different from our own.  I'll admit that I'm regularly in meetings where I hear something I don't know -- a technical buzz phrase, a reference to an Indian holiday or Hindu god, or a colloquial expression whose meaning ... Read more

A simple yet powerful phrase

by Karen Catlin you receive the Femgineer weekly email, you'll remember that last week's theme was about clarity, and how we often beat around the bush instead of just asking for what we want. I'm as guilty of this as the next person! Even if I think I'm being direct, I make mistakes such as: Using passive voice, which dilutes an otherwise direct request. "The dishwasher needs to be emptied." vs "Please empty the dishwasher." Using extra words that take away from the clarity of ... Read more

Focus of Femgineer Forum’s Inaugural Event

Having a long career in tech and having had many roles, I've experienced, and have been presented with a number of issues that women in tech face such as: Interviewing at male dominated companies Communicating concerns effectively with supervisors Crafting an ASK for an offer, promotion, raise, or just a change in role While we can claim that tech is merit based there are many women who are highly skilled and very talented who do not receive the same attention as their counterparts.  The common ... Read more

How I Fell In Love with Building Software

Engineering is often an enigma.  In the following interview with Semil Shah of TechCrunch we chat about how I discovered engineering, then startup land, and how I'm trying to demystify it through mentoring and blogging. I originally joined as a founding engineer because I wanted to learn how to setup a company, and experience the entire process of software product development (ideation, prototype, and launch). When I'm not building I'm doing yoga.  I have been practicing for 8 years now, and I've also ... Read more

She++ Conference

Excited to be heading off to She++ at Stanford today!  The conference is hosted by an amazing group of young femgineers.  These young ladies have already recognized a dearth of femgineers in the Silicon Valley, and are taking steps towards inspiring their generation of women to get interested in engineering and the tech industry.  Their approach, pretty simple and courageous: Find women leader in the tech industry and showcase them as role models Luncheon to given the speakers and the young ladies a ... Read more

Why a CS major would want an MBA

I was initially a management major, but my college required one computer science class during our first semester. It was in that class, amidst loops and pointers, that I fell in love with programming. Soon, I switched my major to computer science. Now, I’m about to graduate as a software engineer, and I love what I do. I feel alive when I solve problems and create new things that improve people’s lives. I especially love the endorphin rush I experience ... Read more

Celebrating Five Years of

Its been five years since I started I can vividly remember the process I went through when I was deciding on a name for the blog, I wanted something that would capture being feminine and an engineer, because my mission was to show women and girls that they could be an engineer and still have feminine qualities.  They didn’t need to change who they were because the field of engineering was male dominated. After a few funny back and ... Read more

Want more femgineers?

Looking back 21 years ago I never would have fathomed I would have become a femgineer or been involved in high tech.  At the age of 8 I had decided I was going to be a lawyer, writer, and professor because I loved to read, write, and speak.  I spent the next 10 years of my life working toward that goal.  In elementary and middle school I wrote short stories, in high school I joined the debate team, and when it ... Read more