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Focus of Femgineer Forum’s Inaugural Event

Having a long career in tech and having had many roles, I've experienced, and have been presented with a number of issues that women in tech face such as: Interviewing at male dominated companies Communicating concerns effectively with supervisors Crafting an ASK for an offer, promotion, raise, or just a change in role While we can claim that tech is merit based there are many women who are highly skilled and very talented who do not receive the same attention as their counterparts.  The common ... Read more

Celebrating Five Years of

Its been five years since I started I can vividly remember the process I went through when I was deciding on a name for the blog, I wanted something that would capture being feminine and an engineer, because my mission was to show women and girls that they could be an engineer and still have feminine qualities.  They didn’t need to change who they were because the field of engineering was male dominated. After a few funny back and ... Read more