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Ship It.

An 8-week live, interactive online course
that turns your product idea into a paid prototype.
Stop sitting on your idea. Start making money.

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The application period for 2016 has ended and will re-open January 2017.
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8 weeks, February 15 - April 6, 2016
Ship It is for people who have yet to launch an idea and monetize it. Part 2, Grow It, kicks off in October, and requires participants to either have completed Ship It or have launched a product. You can sign up for one or both courses and save!
Details & Benefits
  • Taught 6 times to hundreds of students around the world
  • Capped at 50 students for a personalized experience and 1:1 interaction
  • Designed to help you get a paid prototype up and running in just 8 weeks
  • Labs for guaranteed building time
  • Estimated weekly time commitment of 5-10 hours
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Ship It is the ONLY course of its kind that is taught live to enhance interaction between students and instructors. It's online to give you the convenience of taking it from anywhere in the world!

It's also designed to get you going and to force you off the sidelines.

"If you want to build a successful startup or create an insanely great product, join this program."
Dave McClure, Angel Investor & Founding Partner 500 Startups

It's common for founders to hold themselves back, chase wrong directions, and waste money along the way—without even realizing it. Ship It is where you'll find your breakthrough and stop your biggest excuses dead in their tracks.

"But what if customers don't like my product..."
"What if I build the wrong thing..."
"What if I hire the wrong people..."

Ship It stops all of these thoughts dead in the tracks and helps you get a prototype out the door, in the hands of customers, and turning a profit. Surprise yourself with what you can achieve in just a few weeks.

Our Course Will Help You

Build your product faster, smarter, and profitably

  • Master the key steps that you need to get from idea to launch.
  • Build an early prototype that you can get into the hands of customers.
  • Know exactly what you need to do to ship and launch your product.
  • Be positioned to monetize from day 1, and see what it takes to build a 6 or 7 figure business.

What you'll get along the way

A proven, validated process that helps you execute immediately and make money faster

  • 5-10 hrs/week of hands-on, case study driven, and discussion based workshops.
  • Small group coaching with expert instructors.
  • Personalized feedback on your product idea.
  • Access to Femgineer's global alumni community, for life.
  • Real-life business case studies and proven tactics.

Why Ship It Works

Eliminate busy work from your routine. All the work you do will help you build your product.

  • Be guided through an 8-week online course that contains step-by-step lessons starting with idea and ending with launch strategies.
  • Complete exercises at the end of each lesson, submit them, and receive ongoing feedback from instructors tailored to your situation.
  • Receive individual check-ins from instructors and other students, who will act as your accountability partners to make sure you stay on track!
  • Be invited to participate in an active and engaged community of founders around the globe who are also building software products.
  • Receive lifetime access to the materials, including future additions and improvements.

Our Difference

You're a maker and doer at heart, but you're buried under an avalanche of ideas. Maybe you're stuck, obsessing over ideas, worried about money, or mulling over questions like "should I quit my day job?" or "should I build a web or mobile app?"

These are the questions that stop entrepreneurs dead in their tracks -- preventing amazing ideas from coming to life, as a result.

We've seen far too many entrepreneurs give up too early or chase the wrong direction. We've also identified the steps you can take to outsmart these uncertainties. With our course, you'll be set up for an amazing entrepreneurial or product development career.

We're proud to see our alumni go on to launch paid products, raise capital from angel investors, run successful crowdfunding campaigns, and get accepted into accelerators.

  • Took Ship It to learn collaboration techniques for working cross-functionally at her company; advanced into a new role shortly after.

    Diana Espino
    Software Architect

  • Took Ship It to gain more confidence in her product and launch a paid prototype; raised $1M in angel investment a year later.

    Alyssa Ravasio
    Founder of HipCamp

  • Took Ship It to gain a competitive edge when job hunting in tech; advanced into dream roles.

    Jessica Jalsevac
    Head of Operations at ScriptDash

What You'll Learn

Our tried, tested, and proven solutions come from the hundreds of startups that our founders have launched, coached, and advised through their careers.

Our course is application-based and gives you essential skills to turn your ideas into (profitable) products that customers love. We've structured our course around common pain points that hold entrepreneurs back. Check out our course curriculum for yourself, and if you want to see a deeper sneak preview, sign up for our free, 7-day email course.

Module 1

Overcome the challenges that hold our ideas back

  • Learn what holds us back (so we can actively identify and stop doing these things)
  • See how testing and iteration can help us launch faster
  • Learn to communicate ideas to potential customers, employees, and investors
  • See how to overcome common sources of friction: running out of money, raising too much too soon, co-founder conflict, customer acquisition, product delays, burning out, teammate turnover, competition, and more

Module 2

Learn how to fund your product development and launch plan

  • Identify how to get budget approval for a new project or product (if you’re at a big company)
  • Learn why the best start by bootstrapping, and identify less-than-obvious fundraising channels
  • Determine whether raising capital from angel investors and VCs is right for you
  • See case studies of successful bootstrapped launch strategies

Module 3

Mitigate market risk and make people want your product

  • Identify common sources of market risk (and how to avoid them)
  • Learn how to position your product against your competitor’s (even when you’re smaller, scrappier, or otherwise less-established)
  • Learn scrappy marketing techniques that you can use to kickstart growth and build an initial customer base

Module 4

Identify your ideal customer

  • Learn how to attract early adopters and understand their needs
  • Translate your needs into an interactive prototype (so you can get your idea into the hands of your customers, start gathering feedback, and begin making iterative improvements)
  • Getting your prototype approved by prospective customers

Module 5

Know these design shortcuts

  • The essentials your prototype needs
  • Why you don’t need “high design”
  • How to hire and work with designers

Module 6

Recruiting technical talent and product development

  • Recruiting co-founders and managing the relationship
  • How to hire in-house vs managing an outsourced team or contractors
  • Creating a product roadmap and tracking product development

Module 7

Pricing your prototype and metrics

  • Making your first dollar
  • Business metrics to track and show to increase paying customers


Even though we were further along (had launched a product and were making money) there were things we didn't know. We learned how to improve the signup process for customers, perform tests, and grow our customer base. We received introductions to investors that helped us join the 500 startups accelerator program.

Jose Valdes
Co-Founder of LendSquare

Who You'll Learn From

  • David

    Designer and Author of Design for Hackers, Debuted at #18 on Amazon.
  • Dipti

    Dipti Desai is an engineer-turned-product manager. She has built and scaled products as an early employee at startups like Turn and Metamarkets.
  • Sarah

    UX Designer in NYC. Created the popular UX newsletter, The UX Notebook. Founder of Beyond UX 101, an online course to help experienced designers go to the next level in their careers.
  • poornima-vijayashanker-3


    Previously Founding Engineer at Mint.com, Lecturer at Duke University's Pratt School of Engineering and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at 500 Startups. Currently Founder of Femgineer.

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