• What does Femgineer do?

    Femgineer develops courses, guides, workshops, and talks that teach the principles of software product development, design, marketing, and funding.

  • For whom?

    Femgineer’s education services are for innovators who are passionate about building great software: both independent entrepreneurs and professionals at tech companies, both men and women, both technical and non-technic

  • Why?

    So that our students can lead rewarding careers, build a business they love that gives them and their employees freedom, and make a positive impact on the people their software serve. We hope to redefine the model of a successful tech company and professional career, making the culture of the tech industry more inclusive and flexible.

  • What is Femgineer's specialty?

    Our specialty is software, so we focus on helping people build mobile and web apps. We also place an emphasis on taking action, and push our students to produce tangible results.