Solace in Solo Travel

Since I the age of 14 I began traveling by myself, which of course left my parents feeling extremely anxious while I felt freer than ever!  I would get on the plane, and head to debate camp for two weeks in different parts of the country.  I relished the freedom to discover a new town, make new friends, and be in unfamiliar surroundings. 15 years later I'm doing the same thing!  For two weeks or more out of every year I treat ... Read more

Startup Scene in Europe

I've spent the past month working from Europe, spending most of my time in Paris and some in London.  I know there are more cities such as ones in Germany and Israel that also have startup scenes will visit them soon!  I thought I'd share my learnings from Paris and London, what founders care about, and even give a little commentary on what it would take for these scenes to grow. Accessibility There's a common misconception that's been perpetuated that there is a ... Read more

For the New Kids on the Bay Area Block

I've been in the Bay Area for the past 5 years, and prior to that I moved here from India when I was two, so in sum I've lived here a little over 9 years (yes I'm counting childhood because I claim to be precocious).  I'm not too savvy when it comes to SF, because lets face it I love the warmth and sunshine of the peninsula, and I don't plan to leave anytime soon.  Being dubbed as one of the ... Read more

Charming Los Gatos

Tired of the peninsula and SF startup scene and eager to meet new clients in other parts of the Bay Area, I left rainy Palo Alto, and high-tailed it down 85-S and then 17-S to work in Los Gatos, and was pleasantly greeted by blue skies.  Los Gatos downtown is a neighborhood that despite being in Silicon Valley isn't too techie.  I wonder where all the wealth there comes from?  And wealthy indeed these people are  (I took pains to parallel ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part V – Ischia

Day 5: Up to this point we had only headed east toward Amalfi and Salerno.  Jason and I were curious what lie to the west of Positano.  I pulled out my guidebook and read up on an island called Ischia, which is more than twice the size of Capri and to its west, and southeast of Napoli and northeast of Sorrento.  Ischia has a smaller island off its coast called Procida.  Unfortunately, the ferry schedule to and from Ischia only gave us ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part IV – Amalfi Coast

Day 4: After our trip to Salerno we were jonesing for a boat and beach day.  The heat of the coast was too much to bear without air conditioning and escaping to the water would be our only way of cooling ourselves off. So we went to one of the small huts at the Spiagga Grande to figure out, which boat adventure we wanted to take the next day.  I wanted to save Capri for my birthday, and the Australian girl suggested ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part III – Salerno

Day 3: We awoke determined to not fall prey to jet lag. I had looked at the ferry schedule the night before, and decided that I wanted to take the earliest ferry to Salerno so that we would have plenty of time to sightsee, go to the beach, and make it back to the last ferry. I was also debating on whether I wanted to spend tomorrow in Amalfi town or sailing along the coast. After packing the accouterments we needed for our ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part II – Arriving on the Amalfi Coast

Day 1: We arrived in Rome sleep deprived and overheated.  We hadn't bothered to check the forecast before leaving.  I was sweating the moment I got off the plane, it was in the 90s.  We quickly headed for the train station Roma Termini, which is about 30 minutes away from the airport.  My Italian was rusty, but Jason's was decent so he walked up to train ticket machine, and bought a ticket for our next destination Napoli (Naples). We rode in second class, ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part I – Trip Planning

I spent the last two weeks traveling to Italy, and when I got back there was a fervor amongst my friends and co-workers to know more about my trip, see pictures, and even start a travel blog!  I've decided to do a series of posts to satisfy every one's curiosity :) Over three years ago I had dream to travel to Italy, stroll through the warm Tuscan countryside, visit the grandiose monuments in Rome, eat copious amounts of pasta and Italian pastries, ... Read more