Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday: Scaling Rails

I've heard a lot of horror stories regarding Rails development and how it has trouble scaling, my verdict is still out.  I also think code can be written inefficiently in any language (I'm certainly guilty of writing SQL queries that pull in too many records). I really enjoy developing in Rails.  I think Ruby is a very terse language and Rails is framework that helps developers achieve peak productivity.  So I'm trying an experiment with BizeeBee.  The team has been through 3 iterations.  At ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Pitfalls of Prototyping in Rails

My last Ruby Tuesday post was pretty laudatory regarding prototyping in Rails.  In this post I'm switching gears and exposing the pains and limitations with Rails. The development team at my current startup is composed of engineers and designers, basically I make everyone on the team write code :D  I understand that Rails' benefit is in thinking from an MVC mindset.  But because it integrates all components its requires that all developers have some knowledge of a high level language (Java, Ruby), front-end ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Push Button Prototyping in Rails

I realize I've been neglectful in posting articles on Ruby development.  So back by popular demand I'm going to make an effort to resume the Ruby Tuesday series. For the past couples months I've been playing with Rails and have been building my product's prototype with it. The last time I created a prototype for a product I wrote it in Java.  The choice to write it in Java was simply because the founder and I knew how to write Java, and ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Debugging

When I was a freshman at Duke, coding away in Teer basement, I would often hear disgruntled engineers shout: "Damn, I've got 300 syntax errors, I left off the semicolon!  Why does everything have to be so exact?"  Those were the days of coding in C++, a language in which you had to actually compile, but hey it was faster than punchcards! Nowadays we have dynamic typed languages like Ruby that don't even require semicolons!  But that doesn't mean we're in the ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Podcast

I find it hard to learn with just one medium like a classroom or a book.  I need multiple sources of information to drill home a subject (I could of course just be dense).  I started learning Ruby on Rails with tutorials, which are great if you want to learn a few things and do it quickly (and also to kill time while you are waiting on Amazon to deliver your Ruby book).  But tutorials aren't enough to understand the depth ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Test Driving Ruby on Rails

I've been getting feedback from my fellow femgineers that they enjoyed Ruby Bootcamp Basics, and they want more info on Ruby and Rails.  So I'm starting a series on my blog called Ruby Tuesday, I'll spend anywhere from a couple hours to the entire day reading, writing, and researching Ruby and Rails and then blog about my findings. I've also gotten some feedback from my girlfriends who are in tech, who aren't formal femgineers (i.e. the don't have an engineering degree or work ... Read more

Ruby Bootcamp Basics

I've been putting myself through a Ruby bootcamp.  Here's are the steps of my training: Install Ruby and Rails on Mac OS X Snow Leopard Ruby Primer introduction to Ruby basics Quick Reference Ruby on Rails Tutorial comprehensive tutorial that goes through the complete setup from db to web application While going through the tutorial I found a few issues that I wanted to highlight: The use of the start_form_tag has been deprecated, the correct tag to use is form_tag followed by do e.g. <%=start_form_tag :action=> 'create' ... Read more