How an Early Employee Made Her Mark at a Growing Startup

Interview with Brittany Forsyth, Head of Human Relations at Shopify   I sat down with Brittany Forsyth, the Head of Human Relations at Shopify, to discuss what it’s like to work on someone else’s startup idea as an early employee. Brittany joined the company when it was a 20-person fledgling business and has seen the culture evolve as the service spread worldwide. Shopify is a commerce platform that allows anyone to sell products online, in-store and everywhere in between. It powers over 100,000 retailers in ... Read more

How to Attract Top Technical Talent for Your Early-Stage Startup

By Poornima Vijayashanker There are a lot of things I really suck at. The first is visual design. I’ve never been trained as a designer, and while it would probably take just a month or two to learn Photoshop, I know my time would be better spent doing other things. So I don’t even bother doing more than some light CSS and HTML, and on occasion I fiddle with a Photoshop file someone else has already designed for me. You’d think that as ... Read more

Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate Company Culture and the Opportunity

This past week we kicked off the first Femgineer Forum of the year hosted at ModCloth. The topic was on Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture and the Opportunity. My favorite part of every forum is to listen to the employees at the host company tell the story of their path, and why they choose to come and work at the host company. At this forum, I couldn’t have been more captivated than I was by Sarah Wohl, who is ... Read more

Will I fit? Tips for Measuring Company Culture

By Karen Catlin "How I can evaluate a company's culture?" I recently got this question from a young woman I mentor. She's in her senior year at an Ivy League university, where she's majoring in computer science. As you can imagine, she's being heavily recruited by software companies. When I first spoke with her, she was interviewing with four companies and trying to figure out which one she liked best. She was evaluating the where and the what - where the offices were ... Read more

Common Complaints from College Students on Tech Companies’ Recruiting Practices

This past semester I taught at Duke University’s Pratt School of engineering, and over the past few of years I’ve been invited to speak to other engineering and computer science students at various other universities across the country such as UNC, NC State, Berkeley, and Stanford. During all my visits students are eager to find jobs post graduation, and ask me for advice on how to go about applying to companies. I’m always surprised that they turn to me for guidance ... Read more

Striving to Change the Ratio

When we think of female friendly tech companies there are the usual suspects: Facebook, Google, and Twitter. However, there is one more tech company that deserves praise, Walmart and in particular it’s innovation engine @WalmartLabs. @WalmartLabs is showing some serious commitment to changing the ratio for women in tech. @WalmartLabs has fostered a female friendly environment, through its in-house programs and mentorship circles. It has even gone farther than most by providing public speaking workshops, to give engineers more confidence in voicing ... Read more

Wealthfront’s Secret Sauce to Getting You Hired

A conversation with Wealthfront’s VP of Engineering, Avery Moon about what it takes to get hired as a software engineer at Wealthfront. In 140 characters can you describe Wealthfront? Wealthfront is the largest & fastest-growing software-based financial advisor. We provide low-fee, tax efficient diversified portfolios. What annoys you most when looking through hundreds of resumes from engineers? Resumes are most challenging when they exaggerate or have factual inaccuracies in previous technical experiences. Some cultures reward bravado, but at Wealthfront we focus on the best ideas and ... Read more

Running Remote and Making Progress

This post was inspired by the Startup Edition prompt, “How do you build a team?" When I started BizeeBee, I had one word in mind, freedom. More specifically, I wanted the freedom to be able to work from anywhere, and still make progress. However, having never built or run a remote team I knew I'd need help. My co-founder Alex Notov had a very strong vision for how to make this possible. Having been a freelancer for a few years, he had developed ... Read more

Successfully Showcasing a Startup

Gone are the days of free soda,  snacks, and meals!  It’s not that engineers have suddenly become more demanding.  In fact many still don’t know their own value, especially femgineers... Joining a startup as an engineer used to primarily be about believing in the startup’s vision, team dynamics, technology stack, equity, salary, and role along with employee number.  These are still important factors, but the dynamics of decision making have dramatically deepened due to the increasing number of startups that are competing ... Read more

Diversity Seems Dismal

By Justin Reyes Everyone agrees that diversity is important, and companies boast that they are actively working to hire people from diverse backgrounds in addition to promoting diversity programs.  However, when CNN Money recently requested companies to provide statistics regarding their employee composition, only three were willing to release information.  The lack of participation and the dismal results reported highlight that not only is diversity still an issue, but that there are many who are willing to pay lip-service to the cause, ... Read more
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