Professional Relationship Building

Complement Your Hard Work with Help

By Poornima Vijayashanker You've spent time working hard, really hard, but you don't always see the results you want. Even after being patient and waiting weeks, months, even years you are left wondering, "What it's going to take to get to the next level?" This is a common question people ask themselves during the course of their careers or while they're building a business. The truth is you cannot get to the next level alone. You need help brainstorming and solving problems. Help ... Read more

Strategies for Speaking Up

By Poornima Vijayashanker I'm sure you've had an idea for something at some point in time. Maybe a way to improve a product or process at work? You've want to speak up, but you're of course afraid that it will get rejected. You might have even experienced this rejection before, too many time, and it was pretty painful. Believe me I used to get rejected ALL the time, and still do from time to time. But I've removed the sting and reduced ... Read more

Learning How to Communicate Compassionately and Confidently Takes Time

By Poornima Vijayashanker Over this past week a number of you have written in telling me that while you LOVE the course, you just don’t have time… Let’s tackle time. I’ve had a couple jobs where I’ve dreaded having 1-1s with my boss. I’d walk in, they’d ask me to sit down, then they’d start talking… Next thing I knew, 30 minutes was gone, and they would have been talking the whole time, while I proceeded to politely nod my head. They’d tell me ... Read more

Why would a man be interested in working with Femgineer?

By Poornima Vijayashanker The other day I was invited to an intimate networking event for startup founders in San Francisco. We each shared what our companies did, and I of course mentioned that I am working on Femgineer, we provide education services to tech professionals. While our mission is to get more women into technical leadership positions, we do educate both men and women. We do this because we believe in diverse teams. Then I went on to tell them that slightly more than ... Read more

Become a Confident Communicator

By Poornima Vijayashanker I was by no means a social butterfly as a kid. I didn’t fear approaching people one-on-one, but in group settings I was pretty shy and kept quiet. In fact one of the reasons I joined debate in middle school and high school was because I knew I wanted to be a lawyer, and figured I needed to learn how to overcome my fear of speaking in public! Toward the end of my debate career in high school I had ... Read more

Trailblazing Women in Tech

By Karen Catlin Trailblazers inspire us. Whether they climbed a higher mountain than we thought we ever could, combatted a disease we fear, or accomplished something of our dreams, we admire them and want to learn from them. We seek them out for inspiration. We may even want to follow in their footsteps and bring their journey to new levels. I remember being inspired by a trailblazer when I was a junior in high school, wondering what I should study in college. My ... Read more

Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate Company Culture and the Opportunity

This past week we kicked off the first Femgineer Forum of the year hosted at ModCloth. The topic was on Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture and the Opportunity. My favorite part of every forum is to listen to the employees at the host company tell the story of their path, and why they choose to come and work at the host company. At this forum, I couldn’t have been more captivated than I was by Sarah Wohl, who is ... Read more

Investing in an Individual: 5 Characteristics of a Good Investment

By Justin Reyes  With incubators such as Y combinator & 500 startups investing in a huge number of startups around Silicon Valley, it’s highly unusual to discover an company that invests in people, but that is exactly what Upstart does. Upstart platform allows people to raise money in exchange for a small share of their income over 5 or 10 years. Backers on the platform invest directly in the person, not in their idea or business. Upstart uses a special algorithm that looks ... Read more

Stop Telling Women They Just Need to Know How to Code

Moore’s law, which is really a conjecture, states that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years. It is safe to presume that this doubling effect also doubles processor speeds, because having more transistors on a chip means faster processors. However, you cannot just cram more transistors onto a chip in order to double it’s speed indefinitely. Computing speed is also based on things such as memory capacity and it is limited by factors such disk speed. While we ... Read more

Will I fit? Tips for Measuring Company Culture

By Karen Catlin "How I can evaluate a company's culture?" I recently got this question from a young woman I mentor. She's in her senior year at an Ivy League university, where she's majoring in computer science. As you can imagine, she's being heavily recruited by software companies. When I first spoke with her, she was interviewing with four companies and trying to figure out which one she liked best. She was evaluating the where and the what - where the offices were ... Read more
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