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How to Prepare to Strike Out On Your Own and Pursue Your Creative Calling

Have you contemplated leaving the comforts of a company to strike out on your own to pursue a creative calling? Perhaps you have an idea for a product or service. While there’s a strong pull to pursue it, hesitation maybe holding you back. You’re worried about being good enough, attracting customers and clients, and how…

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Feedback got you in a frenzy? Learn how to filter it.

Most people know that I’m always pushing myself with crazy challenges, loads of travel, and of course the work I love doing at Femgineer. But that doesn’t stop friends, family, and a few frenemies from giving me feedback on what they think I should be doing. You’ve probably experienced this too 😉 I used to…

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Are you in a culture that values enforcement or empowerment?

Last week I explored the topic of asking for permission to advance. One reader mentioned that some people may be privileged to inform their bosses, but the rest would probably get fired if they informed instead of asked. Yes, it is a highly likely outcome. I say it’s highly likely, because it’s happened to me….

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