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How to Attract Top Technical Talent for Your Early-Stage Startup

By Poornima Vijayashanker There are a lot of things I really suck at. The first is visual design. I’ve never been trained as a designer, and while it would probably take just a month or two to learn Photoshop, I know my time would be better spent doing other things. So I don’t even bother doing more than some light CSS and HTML, and on occasion I fiddle with a Photoshop file someone else has already designed for me. You’d think that as ... Read more

Meet the Femgineers Who Have Helped Build Spotify

By Poornima Vijayashanker If you’re a music lover, then you're probably already listening to your favorite tunes on Spotify. If you haven’t come across Spotify, then you should certainly check them out! They are one of the hippest startups, reinventing how we discover, listen to, and share music. Spotify has been built by a team of top technical talent, and I was curious to learn more about what it's like to work there and what draws top engineers to the company! So I ... Read more

Lesson 1: My experience as an early stage startup employee.

This is the first lesson in the series: Why Should You Consider being an Early Stage Startup Employee. This mini-course is from our monthly event series: Femgineer Forum, which was sponsored by nousDECOR in April 2014. By Poornima Vijayashanker If you think that being at an early stage startup employee means that you just work 100 hour weeks, then you're in for a surprise! Having been an early stage startup employee at, and having started my own startups: BizeeBee and Femgineer, I've gotten a real sense ... Read more

Last Day and Chance to Apply for Lean Product Development Course in 2014

By Poornima Vijayashanker For the past few weeks I’ve mentioned that if you’re waiting for the right time then you’re idea will just never get off the ground. There will always be unforeseen circumstances that get in the way of you making progress. You just have to charge on forward and learn to be resourceful. I’ve also mentioned why it’s important to continue to learn from others and how it can be instrumental to when you’re pursuing a new path or strategy. I ... Read more

Invest in Your Idea

By Poornima Vijayashanker Two weeks ago I was making a decision to invest $2500 into a new course called Mastering Product Launches. For some people this might not seem like much, but to me, it’s a lot of money, because I’m bootstrapping my business. OK I know what you’re thinking, “Why are YOU taking a course on Mastering Product Launches?” I’m NOT a Know-it-All While it’s true that I’ve launched a number of successful software products, I’ve never launched a book, and I’m getting ready ... Read more

How a Yoga Teacher Became a Tech Entrepreneur

By Justin Reyes On her way to the laundromat, Silvie Hibdon noticed that she didn’t have any quarters. Coming back from yoga class she doesn’t usually carry them around with her. In the age of mobile payments, Silvie thought that there shouldn’t be a need for carrying loose change anymore. After a short brainstorm session, Silvie and her friend came up with the idea of a mobile payments based point-of-sale for laundromats. Silvie is an international yoga teacher, who enjoys the process of exploration ... Read more

How One Software Engineer Learned to Save Development Time for His Team

By Justin Reyes As a lead software developer at Position Logic, a leading B2B location-based services provider, it was business as usual for Andres Hernandez doing test driven development, implementing a bunch of classes, and fixing bugs. Looking to improve his own skills and his development team's, he started following blogs and magazines that covered design and startup trends. One day he received an email newsletter from Amazon’s best selling “Design for Hackers” author, David Kadavy. While reading the newsletter, Andres caught ... Read more

Journey From Founding Engineer to Founder, Lesson 1: Be Honest About What You Don’t Have

By Poornima Vijayashanker A little over 4 years ago I decided to transition from being a founding engineer to a founder. I knew that I could build a product and recruit a team, I had learned those skills at my first startup, But I was really curious to know what it was like to be a founder. I wanted to build a company and a business. Most recently I’ve met many engineers out there who are contemplating this transition, and maybe filled ... Read more

Bringing an Idea to Reality

By Justin Reyes After working as a consultant for Murex, a software company for investment banks, Aniss Mansouri had the desire to work on something new that would allow him to work for himself. After seeing the popularity of electronic cigarettes in the French marketplace along with the limited quality of existing competitors, Aniss was confident that this was an idea worth pursuing. But the path to pursuing his own venture did not come easy. He had little guidance and knew that he ... Read more

5 Important Things to Remember when Designing a Product

By Frances Advincula As a software engineer who is primarily focused on the front end, I have to help ensure our products have a great user experience. Here are the top 5 lessons I have learned when helping design a new product, from simple things such as a school project to even more complex situations such as enterprise software. I hope you find them helpful! 1.Write problem scenarios because they are very effective ways of putting yourself in the user’s shoes. I think ... Read more
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