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Why You Need To Balance Attracting New Customers With Retaining Existing Customers

This lesson is part of Femgineer’s Grow It Introductory Series. Is your yang out of control? I’m about to get a li’l woo on you (stick with me)… If you’re 110% focused on building new features for new customers, you’ve ignored the ancient art of balance… And you could end up wasting weeks or even months…

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Why People Aren’t Clamoring Around Your Product

This lesson is part of Femgineer’s Grow It Introductory Series.  You did it! You launched your product. Well done. Unfortunately, you were greeted by a chorus of crickets instead of a stampede of new customers. High fives and fist bumps quickly turned into befuddlement… Uh — where is everyone? I mean, you did tell everyone you…

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How to Handle Grunt Work And Balance It With Growth Work

I hate grunt work. You know the work that you have to get done but it’s rote, so you’re not learning anything new or advancing yourself. Doing it feels like a waste of your time and energy. You wish you could sweep it under a run or pawn it off on someone else, but it…

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