Lesson 3: How to go from Uncertainty to Clarity

This is the third and final lesson in the series: How to Deal with Uncertainty By Poornima Vijayashanker In the previous lesson Maria Molfino and I talked the illusion of feeling like we’re the only ones and one simple step to feeling less alone. If you missed the last lesson here it is. In this lesson we’re going to share some steps to moving forward, past uncertainty, and getting closer to clarity! We'll talk specifically about the importance of aligning insight + action, also known ... Read more

Complement Your Hard Work with Help

By Poornima Vijayashanker You've spent time working hard, really hard, but you don't always see the results you want. Even after being patient and waiting weeks, months, even years you are left wondering, "What it's going to take to get to the next level?" This is a common question people ask themselves during the course of their careers or while they're building a business. The truth is you cannot get to the next level alone. You need help brainstorming and solving problems. Help ... Read more

Why would a man be interested in working with Femgineer?

By Poornima Vijayashanker The other day I was invited to an intimate networking event for startup founders in San Francisco. We each shared what our companies did, and I of course mentioned that I am working on Femgineer, we provide education services to tech professionals. While our mission is to get more women into technical leadership positions, we do educate both men and women. We do this because we believe in diverse teams. Then I went on to tell them that slightly more than ... Read more

Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate Company Culture and the Opportunity

This past week we kicked off the first Femgineer Forum of the year hosted at ModCloth. The topic was on Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture and the Opportunity. My favorite part of every forum is to listen to the employees at the host company tell the story of their path, and why they choose to come and work at the host company. At this forum, I couldn’t have been more captivated than I was by Sarah Wohl, who is ... Read more

Organizations Supporting Women in Tech

If you’re a woman in tech there are a number of organizations with chapters around the world that have made it their mission to support you and your career! Here’s a list of the most active organizations we’ve come across in 2013 that specialize in supporting tech professionals. Of course there maybe many more we’ve missed, and if yours is one of them, then please tweet at us, and we’ll be happy to add yours to this list! (Please only submit organizations that ... Read more

Striving to Change the Ratio

When we think of female friendly tech companies there are the usual suspects: Facebook, Google, and Twitter. However, there is one more tech company that deserves praise, Walmart and in particular it’s innovation engine @WalmartLabs. @WalmartLabs is showing some serious commitment to changing the ratio for women in tech. @WalmartLabs has fostered a female friendly environment, through its in-house programs and mentorship circles. It has even gone farther than most by providing public speaking workshops, to give engineers more confidence in voicing ... Read more

Want to work with me? Guidelines for getting mentored.

Over the course of the past year I’ve had the opportunity to mentor and coach a number of students, engineers, and startup founders on a variety of topics mostly centered around entrepreneurship, engineering, and product development. As I’ve gone through the process, it’s been brought to my attention that people don’t always value mentorship. Some people are just looking to me for all the answers to their personal predicaments. I’m not equipped to handle such needs because I’m not trained therapist. While others ... Read more

So you wanna be a mentor?

Who doesn't want to give back? We all do! But despite our best intentions we sometimes fall short of actually helping people. It's taken me many years to become an effective mentor. I share some of my experiences and learning in my recent post on What Every Mentor Should Know. If you're thinking of becoming a mentor please check out the post. If you're already a mentor I'd love to learn what has and hasn't worked for you, so please share in ... Read more

A New Frontier for Femgineer

For the past year, I've been very focused on building Femgineer into a business. Spending  my time teaching courses and workshops both online and offline at General Assembly, HackBright, incubators, technology non-profits, and now at Duke University. I've also been hosting forums across the country to address sensitive topics that are holding people back in their careers in tech, and speaking all over the world about product development, startups, and software engineering. Having done all of this, I'm not tired, but more energetic than ever because this is ... Read more

I Don’t Want to Burn Any Bridges

I don’t know if it’s the proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge, or just a common phrase, but last week I heard not 1, not 2, but 3 people I’m mentoring tell me, “Well I don’t want to burn any bridges.” They were responding to my gentle nudge for them to speak up for what they wanted. These three people thought that reaching out to someone they didn’t know and asking them for a favor, standing up to a boss, or asking ... Read more
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