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ASKing Is Hard But Missing Out On An Opportunity Is Worse

Earlier this week I wrote a post on How Your Company Would Benefit If Employees Were Better At Communicating. I received a number or responses to the interview, and there was one in particular that stood out from a prospective Confident Communicator Course student that I want to share with you today because you might…

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How Your Company Would Benefit If Employees Were Better At Communicating

I bet you and your team are working hard to develop, market, and monetize your products. You’re working at a breakneck pace, but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Most days, you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings. Listening to pitches for new product ideas, discussing ways to increase productivity, reviewing projects, interviewing…

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Personal Growth Work Suffers When We Don’t Set Aside Time For It

We spend most of the year doing things that aren’t related to personal growth because we’ve got deadlines to meet. As a result, it gets easy to stay heads down and busy. But if you’re only focused on doing, when do you have time for personal growth work? When I say personal growth work I…

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