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When Being Yourself Intimidates People You Work With

That picture below, it’s my kindergarten class. I’m third from the right, clearly not a kid who intimidates other kids. Not much has changed since kindergarten… …I’m a tiny bit taller. On a good day I’d say I’m 5’ 2”. I’ve always been small. It has its advantages: curling up into a ball to sleep…

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ASKing Is Hard But Missing Out On An Opportunity Is Worse

Earlier this week I wrote a post on How Your Company Would Benefit If Employees Were Better At Communicating. I received a number or responses to the interview, and there was one in particular that stood out from a prospective Confident Communicator Course student that I want to share with you today because you might…

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Say NO: The Secret Power Of Successful Startups

Learn to say NO: Interview With Steli Efti CEO & Co-Founder of It’s the start of a new year, it’ hard to say no, especially when you’re excited to run some experiments for your startup or company. Since you’re keen on trying a lot of things, you’re probably going to be saying yes a lot!…

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