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Coding bootcamps launching pad for entrepreneurs?

By Liz Eggleston  You’ve likely heard the hype around coding bootcamps: the sensational $100K salaries and the “zero to sixty” claims. These outcomes are undoubtedly appealing and landing a high-paying job as a developer is certainly possible after graduating from a “bootcamp.” In fact, some coding schools even guarantee a job with a minimum salary or they’ll refund students’ tuition. From one perspective, these job placement rates are a source of legitimacy for this new industry in education. But developer skills can also ... Read more

Confidence From Your Code

By David Grieser Is that feature done? Has that bug been fixed? These are the types of questions programmers get asked. Usually from a product manager that has a timeline and needs things done. This is their job. Yours is to provide the end result and know that what has been developed works! But sometimes you're just not sure. You may be fortunate to have a manager that pushes back for you to give you the time you need for development. If not, ... Read more

Trailblazing Women in Tech

By Karen Catlin Trailblazers inspire us. Whether they climbed a higher mountain than we thought we ever could, combatted a disease we fear, or accomplished something of our dreams, we admire them and want to learn from them. We seek them out for inspiration. We may even want to follow in their footsteps and bring their journey to new levels. I remember being inspired by a trailblazer when I was a junior in high school, wondering what I should study in college. My ... Read more

Book Review: JavaScript for PHP Developers

By Diana Espino When I was studying JavaScript back in 1999, there were no resources to learn from. No books, no Mozilla Developer Network, no Codecademy or Code School, and no one teaching it at school! Learning from another source was non-existent for me. My learning came from studying the source code of web sites, observing the patterns I saw, and experimenting with those patterns through trial and error to see what worked. That’s really how I learned how to code for the ... Read more

How to Engineer A Better Software Development Process

By Diana Espino Earlier this year, I took a Femgineer course on Lean Product Development to learn a process that could help me unmask complexity from my software projects. Possessing the ability to see simplicity in complexity, would make my life a lot easier and more headache-free. One of the lectures was taught by Alex Notov (CTO of BizeeBee), in which he shared with us his experience in hiring and working with engineers. He spoke of our introverted personalities, preference for communicating through ... Read more

Summer Roundup: Curated Tech Talks on Front-end Development, UX, and Startups

by Frances Advincula   I attended SenchaCon, my first tech conference, a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed, and I learned so much that I was inspired to compile this list of really great tech talks with a focus on front-end development and user experience. With summer almost over, here's your excuse to productively lounge by the pool or at the beach, with your iPad of course. Pixeltalks is a great blog that curates videos from presentations across the world in topics such as ... Read more

Metrics That Matter

By Sarah Montoya In my personal time I am on facebook, pinterest, and instagram way more than is necessary for any human. I also have a blog that I enjoy stalking my statistics for regularly. I even set up a Klout account to find out how much influence I have, but to be honest I have no idea what my Klout score means. All that to say I am a fan of the ego boost that comes with vanity metrics for my ... Read more

Scrappy Marketing Strategies that Benefit Any Organization

By Sarah Montoya I am not a product developer, nor do I work in tech. Even so, Femgineer’s scrappy marketing class taught as one of the classes in Femgineer’s Lean Product Development course, caught my attention because I work for an all volunteer run non-profit that is dedicated to spending almost all of our budget on funding projects in the developing world. We have no budget for marketing. We are an ever evolving community of volunteers constantly seeking to improve our organization. ... Read more

How to Think Like an Executive When Pitching a Sponsor for an Event

By Karen Catlin Thank goodness for corporate sponsorships. I was reminded of their importance a few weeks ago when I attended the "Women Organizers" gathering in San Francisco. It brought together people who hold events for technical women, including Women Who Code, Girl Develop It, Rails Bridge, and Latinas in Computing to name a few. Sponsors are clearly important to the success of these groups, including our host for the evening, Mozilla! The next day in my car, I was listening to our local public radio station announce their fundraising drive. They often ... Read more

Why Market Research is Important for Any Organization

by Sarah Montoya My friend Lydia introduced me to Poornima’s Lean Product Development Course. Lydia and I have had extensive conversations about my desire to expand my skills and she was confident the class would be a great fit. For the past few years I have worked in social services in a direct service role to low-income youth. I enjoyed my work but often found that I wanted to find different and unique ways to be challenged professionally. With my background the options ... Read more
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