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How To Avoid A Fundraising Fiasco

This lesson is part of Femgineer’s Grow It Introductory Series.    ‘It’s not you. It’s me.’ Sound familiar? If investors aren’t calling you back, it actually is you. As in, YOU’RE doing something wrong. (Or maybe you have something in your teeth? Spinach, perhaps?) You could be turning investors off without even knowing it. Eek! After…

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Your Pitch Is Missing A Key Ingredient People Are Eager To Hear

This lesson is part of Femgineer’s Grow It Introductory Series.  You might not realize it, but your elevator pitch is missing something… Something critical. Something that adds major credibility. Something that attracts investors, potential customers, and future employees. Your elevator pitch is missing YOU. Okay, so maybe you typically talk about your big idea, the problem you’re solving,…

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How Investors Add Value Beyond the Check

“How Investors Add Value” – Interview with Shruti Gandhi, Managing Partner at Array Ventures If you’ve been following along with FemgineerTV, you’ll have learned what the investor-founder dynamic is like from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur. In the last episode, I sat down with the CEO & co-founder of StyleSeat, Melody McCloskey, to understand what it…

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