The American Kanavu

The minute you entered his room you left the sultry surroundings of Madras and entered a different world, one that resonated with who he wanted to become one day.  His bookshelves resembled a timeline.  One shelf started with John Locke and ended with Dan Brown in between it were Kerouac, Hemingway, and Steinbeck.  Another was filled with biographies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet, and Oprah.  He was a young man who grew up in the far east and dreamed ... Read more

Her World – Installment 5

Jenna sat looking out of her bay window in her old brownstone.  As the sun's rays beamed on her face she drifted deep into thought;  this was the place she had hoped to call home again.  She hadn't had any expectations for her return.  She had always thought of this place as home, because of all the fond memories and experiences that took place here.  During her travels she would think about them, she would imagine herself laying in bed alone ... Read more

Her World – Installment 4

He approached her first as she was talking to Drew. “Look who decided to show up to the party,” Drew said trying to break the ice between the two, “well I’m going to go now, I’ll talk to you later Jenna.” As Drew walked away Jenna looked up at him. He had the same look he had had years ago, his soft eyes, and pleasant smiled had gone unchanged. “I didn’t know this was your rehearsal dinner, honestly. I suspected but - ... Read more

Her World – Installment 3

“Hey babe, you almost ready?”  Josh shouted into the intercom. “Almost, come on in - ” Jenna was interrupted by the buzzer. Josh climbed the flights thinking, why does a woman who’s independently wealthy climb all these steps each day, when she could probably afford a penthouse suit or a building with an elevator. “Hello there, ” Jenna greeted Josh at the door, “Can I get you anything?” “I’m good, but we should head out soon, the dinner is going to start, and Aidan’s the ... Read more

Her World – Installment 2

He sat in his office admiring her picture. Sara’s beauty was intoxicating, but it was her energy that drew him to her. They hadn’t been together very long, but long enough to know that they enjoyed each other’s company. They had shared many experiences throughout their travels and adventures that had helped them form a close bond. Sara’s lively nature complemented Aidan’s adventurous side. Anyone who met them was amazed by the lively pair’s synergy, and enthusiasm for living life. In a ... Read more

Her World – Installment 1

The following is a short story that I’ve been working on for months. It was a warm summer day.  The flowers from the dogwoods where everywhere, and the air felt sultry with a gentle breeze.  As she walked through the park Jenna reminisced of the times she had spent there with Aidan.  She thought about the pictures he had taken of her by the dogwoods, and by the pond with the giant lilies, and she of him climbing up his favorite giant ... Read more