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Accessibility Audit: Why Accessibility Needs To Be Prioritized In Product Design

Interview with Laura Allen, Accessibility Program Manager at Google for Chrome and the Chrome Operating System It’s a new month and with it a brand new theme for our upcoming Build episodes! When designing products we often think about usability: how easy to use a product is. But we often overlook another aspect of product…

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How To Start A Startup Outside Silicon Valley

Interview with Marina Mogilko Co-Founder of LinguaTrip Two common pieces of startup advice that get doled out are you need to be in Silicon Valley to start your startup. And you need to cater to customers in the US market. There are some rumblings about how to start a startup outside Silicon Valley. But they don’t get as much attention as those…

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Say NO: The Secret Power Of Successful Startups

Learn to say NO: Interview With Steli Efti CEO & Co-Founder of It’s the start of a new year, it’ hard to say no, especially when you’re excited to run some experiments for your startup or company. Since you’re keen on trying a lot of things, you’re probably going to be saying yes a lot!…

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