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How To Build A Pipeline Of Technical Talent

Interview With Jessica McKellar Engineering Manager at Dropbox There has been a lot of conversation in the tech community about how to build a pipeline of computer scientists for the next generation, bring awareness to groups that aren’t current represented and improve diversity numbers. While there’s been a lot of work and initiatives that have cropped…

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Hipcamp: From Learning to Code, to Building a Prototype, and then Getting it Funded

Interview with Alyssa Ravasio, CEO and Founder of Hipcamp By Poornima Vijayashanker Alyssa Ravasio loved the outdoors and was fed up with the outdated campsite reservation systems in California. She set out to fix the problem, and since she had a non-technical background, her first line of business was to learn how to code. She…

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Miss Possible: Giving Girls a Smarter, Better Doll

By Justin Reyes  At the University of Illinois, Supriya Hobbs was preparing to give a talk to a group of Girl Scouts who were on campus to earn their inventor badge to share how inventors and entrepreneurs go about solving problems. Passionate about empowering girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) she sought…

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