Femgineer Spotlight

What Math?

You don’t drink Mountain Dew and you aren’t good at math? Was the reaction Bobbilee received when she told her friends and family that she was leaving her job to become a software developer. After stints as a photographer and graphic designer, Bobbilee Hartman, 24, was determined to acquire practical, employable skills which would make her indispensable. Reading a 700 page HTML/CSS book in three days left her curious to learn more. Inspired, she started watching a few online coding videos to solidify ... Read more

Teenage Girl Develops App to Help the Blind

“The fact that I’m the only girl interested in my high school going to these hackathons is really sad.  Maitreyee Joshi, senior at Lynbrook High, has a deep passion for building technologies that help the physically and mentally disabled people. For example, while working at Stanford Research Labs, she built a head controlled quadcopter in order to facilitate movement for her professor’s mute quadriplegic friend. Also, for last year's science fair project, she wrote an biclustering algorithm that found DNA mutations that caused ... Read more

Fernando Vaz: PublicBeta Scholarship Winner

When Fernando Vaz was having trouble finding a plugin to try and sell the course he was teaching through his blog, he decided that he would do it himself and build a service around it to offer to others. With the help from two other co-workers, Coursify was built. Fernando Vaz, our recent winner of our Lean Product Development course scholarship sponsored by PublicBeta, is a product manager at Smiley Media. Working at Smiley Media, Fernando was always approached by others if he can ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Elaine Chen Product Development Executive in High Tech

This week’s Femgineer Spotlight is Elaine Chen. Elaine is the VP of Product Development at Rethink Robotics, a Boston startup with a mission to reinvigorate manufacturing in America. She also teaches entrepreneurial product development and marketing at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Before joining Rethink Robotics, Elaine, similarly, has worked at several other Boston area startups, which built products with a strong human interaction component, including Zeo, Zeemote, and SensAble Technologies. Her work in the field of human machines interface and systems engineering, wasn’t ... Read more

Alyssa Ravasio: GitHub Scholarship Winner

After sorting through many outstanding applications and interviewing some amazing candidates, we struggled with the choice of picking a candidate.   Our choice came down to Alyssa Ravasio, who will be one of two winners of the Github scholarship for Femgineer’s Lean Product Development course this summer. Alyssa Ravasio was chosen for a project that she is building called Hipcamp, a search engine for campsites in California. Hipcamp will solve the problems of “Where can I camp next weekend?” or more specifically, “Where can ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Stephanie Shupe From Civil to Software

Stephanie Shupe has had quite a whirlwind of an engineering career!  At the ripe age of 10, Stephanie helped her dad, who worked in construction, on site.  This inspired her to pursue a degree in civil engineering at Virginia Tech.  After graduation she continued to work as a civil engineer, but felt like she was spending  too much of her time as a project manager, going back and forth coordinating projects.  What she really wanted was a creative role where she ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Diana Espino Software Engineer at VMR Products

By Jasmine Lee This week’s Femgineer Spotlight is Diana Espino. She began her career as a web developer at the tender age of 15 and soon after, created her first company; PeBe Inc. After more than ten years of working on her own, she joined Worth International Media Group, where she built and launched an eLearning web app for the travel industry. Today, she is a software developer on the e-commerce team at VMR Products, a consumer electronics manufacturer and distributor. Diana’s initial ... Read more

Materials Engineer: Discover New Materials & Their Applications

I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting many inspiring women while interning here at Femgineer. Over the weekend I met with a materials engineer named Pascale over coffee to discuss her experiences attending engineering school and pursuing her passion for materials science in Europe and in the U.S.  She explained to me that a materials engineer’s expertise lies in the properties and behavior of materials under different conditions, along with the use of these materials in manufacturing and production. ... Read more

Internship Insights

By Jasmine Lee As my last few hours as an official intern for Femgineer and Poornima come to an end, I look back with gratefulness to all the Femgineers who supported me and cheered me on during this past month of growth. Thank you to Poornima for welcoming me and taking me in. I am grateful for all the  new experiences you’ve exposed me to this month.  I passed several milestones over the course of my internship here at Femgineer: I attended my ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Ginger Folker, Software Developer at Accenture

By Frances Advincula This week's Femgineer has a very special place in my heart. Ever since the first day of my internship, she has always been warm and welcoming. I know it's silly, but her being in my first few code reviews really helped not be so scared. Sometimes, we go out to lunch too. I know that seems trivial, but it's just nice to be able to talk to a fellow Femgineer about insecurities that I face as a newbie full-timer. ... Read more
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