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From Learning to Code, to Building a Prototype, and then Getting it Funded

Interview with Alyssa Ravasio, CEO and Founder of Hipcamp By Poornima Vijayashanker Alyssa Ravasio loved the outdoors and was fed up with the outdated campsite reservation systems in California. She set out to fix the problem, and since she had a non-technical background, her first line of business was to learn how to code. She took classes at Dev Bootcamp, which enabled her to build a prototype while she was a scholarship student in my Lean Product Development Course. She launched the prototype ... Read more

Giving Girls a Smarter, Better Doll

By Justin Reyes  At the University of Illinois, Supriya Hobbs was preparing to give a talk to a group of Girl Scouts who were on campus to earn their inventor badge to share how inventors and entrepreneurs go about solving problems. Passionate about empowering girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) she sought to use her own startup, Miss Possible, to create dolls and apps to make the girls aware of other female role models that have made great breakthroughs ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Carolyn Grabill, Software Engineer at Salesforce

By Justin Reyes  This month Femgineer spotlight is Carolyn Grabill. Ever since high school Carolyn took the initiative to teach herself HTML/CSS to make fan sites for the latest media she was into at the time. Though as she admits the hardest challenge was convincing her mom to let her to use her credit card to purchase domain hosting. As a child, tinkering with the family computer, making spreadsheets and calendars, and seeing her mother in action as a database analyst led Carolyn ... Read more

Gaining Confidence in her Code

By Justin Reyes  Jasmine Tsai, who is a software engineer at change.org embarked on her technical career track not after college, but after years in investment banking and a stint at a non profit. She did research for a public policy think tank in Hong Kong and a consulting assignment with the World Bank in China. The seed of pursuing her technical career track began to take shape, when she knew she was limited by her technical ability in building out the platform ... Read more

Driving Forces Behind ESPN’s Technology Team

By Justin Reyes In collaboration with ESPN we will be hosting our next Femgineer Forum, in New York City! You're probably wondering why a sports network was interesting in partnering with Femgineer? ESPN does not solely focus on television, but also digital technologies, which includes mobile apps such as SportsCenter and WatchESPN. Its technical team also focuses on website design, functionality, and user experience. Swati Vakharia, a member of the technical team sat down to share her experience working at ESPN and particularly ... Read more

What Math?

You don’t drink Mountain Dew and you aren’t good at math? Was the reaction Bobbilee received when she told her friends and family that she was leaving her job to become a software developer. After stints as a photographer and graphic designer, Bobbilee Hartman, 24, was determined to acquire practical, employable skills which would make her indispensable. Reading a 700 page HTML/CSS book in three days left her curious to learn more. Inspired, she started watching a few online coding videos to solidify ... Read more

Teenage Girl Develops App to Help the Blind

“The fact that I’m the only girl interested in my high school going to these hackathons is really sad.  Maitreyee Joshi, senior at Lynbrook High, has a deep passion for building technologies that help the physically and mentally disabled people. For example, while working at Stanford Research Labs, she built a head controlled quadcopter in order to facilitate movement for her professor’s mute quadriplegic friend. Also, for last year's science fair project, she wrote an biclustering algorithm that found DNA mutations that caused ... Read more

Fernando Vaz: PublicBeta Scholarship Winner

When Fernando Vaz was having trouble finding a plugin to try and sell the course he was teaching through his blog, he decided that he would do it himself and build a service around it to offer to others. With the help from two other co-workers, Coursify was built. Fernando Vaz, our recent winner of our Lean Product Development course scholarship sponsored by PublicBeta, is a product manager at Smiley Media. Working at Smiley Media, Fernando was always approached by others if he can ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Elaine Chen Product Development Executive in High Tech

This week’s Femgineer Spotlight is Elaine Chen. Elaine is the VP of Product Development at Rethink Robotics, a Boston startup with a mission to reinvigorate manufacturing in America. She also teaches entrepreneurial product development and marketing at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Before joining Rethink Robotics, Elaine, similarly, has worked at several other Boston area startups, which built products with a strong human interaction component, including Zeo, Zeemote, and SensAble Technologies. Her work in the field of human machines interface and systems engineering, wasn’t ... Read more

Alyssa Ravasio: GitHub Scholarship Winner

After sorting through many outstanding applications and interviewing some amazing candidates, we struggled with the choice of picking a candidate.   Our choice came down to Alyssa Ravasio, who will be one of two winners of the Github scholarship for Femgineer’s Lean Product Development course this summer. Alyssa Ravasio was chosen for a project that she is building called Hipcamp, a search engine for campsites in California. Hipcamp will solve the problems of “Where can I camp next weekend?” or more specifically, “Where can ... Read more
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