Heather Gillette: Finding Inspiration and the Early Stages of a Startup

By Justin Reyes For years, Heather Gillette  worked at YouTube where she founded and headed up several operational departments.  A couple of years ago, she left YouTube to build her own startup, nousDecor. nousDecor is the first ever comprehensive online destination for community-curated home décor ideas, resources and expert interior design guidance. Heather grew frustrated after bouncing around from website to website looking for a similar chandelier to match the one hanging in her home. She noticed that there was not one central ... Read more

How Gumroad Has Grown it’s Customer Base with a Lean Engineering Team

By Justin Reyes It’s no question that many startups are embracing lean methodologies and maintaining a lean culture as they grow and scale. One such company is Gumroad. Despite receiving a large round of VC funding they have kept a lean engineering team. Gumroad is a platform that lets individuals easily sell their digital goods. One just needs to create a digital product, upload it to Gumroad, and then Gumroad takes care of the rest! It creates a simple link to the digital ... Read more

Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate Company Culture and the Opportunity

This past week we kicked off the first Femgineer Forum of the year hosted at ModCloth. The topic was on Finding a Fit: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture and the Opportunity. My favorite part of every forum is to listen to the employees at the host company tell the story of their path, and why they choose to come and work at the host company. At this forum, I couldn’t have been more captivated than I was by Sarah Wohl, who is ... Read more

Modcloth: A Femgineer Culture

By Justin Reyes  On the outside it may look like any other traditional e-commerce fashion website, but on the inside lays an especially complex backend development and technical feature set that handles all the customization and style personalizations., an online retailer specializing in unique apparel, accessories, and decor, goes further than most in fashion e-commerce. From customers voting on potential items to sell, to designers submitting pieces to produce, is an online catalog of fashion items as well as a ... Read more

Will I fit? Tips for Measuring Company Culture

By Karen Catlin "How I can evaluate a company's culture?" I recently got this question from a young woman I mentor. She's in her senior year at an Ivy League university, where she's majoring in computer science. As you can imagine, she's being heavily recruited by software companies. When I first spoke with her, she was interviewing with four companies and trying to figure out which one she liked best. She was evaluating the where and the what - where the offices were ... Read more

Learning How to Tell Your Story @WalmartLabs

By Justin Reyes This holiday season, Femgineer hosted its last forum of the year @WalmartLabs. The attendees, who were primarily software developers, made the drive to San Bruno to get the chance to peek into the @WalmartLabs headquarters, network with other women in tech, and participate in Femgineer’s Building Online Cred workshop. Attendees had the opportunity to network with software engineers and directors that worked @WalmartLabs, and the @WalmartLabs engineers shared their experiences and background with attendees. When asked about how @WalmartLabs compares to ... Read more

Organizations Supporting Women in Tech

If you’re a woman in tech there are a number of organizations with chapters around the world that have made it their mission to support you and your career! Here’s a list of the most active organizations we’ve come across in 2013 that specialize in supporting tech professionals. Of course there maybe many more we’ve missed, and if yours is one of them, then please tweet at us, and we’ll be happy to add yours to this list! (Please only submit organizations that ... Read more

Striving to Change the Ratio

When we think of female friendly tech companies there are the usual suspects: Facebook, Google, and Twitter. However, there is one more tech company that deserves praise, Walmart and in particular it’s innovation engine @WalmartLabs. @WalmartLabs is showing some serious commitment to changing the ratio for women in tech. @WalmartLabs has fostered a female friendly environment, through its in-house programs and mentorship circles. It has even gone farther than most by providing public speaking workshops, to give engineers more confidence in voicing ... Read more

Femgineers Build Street Cred

Last Tuesday, Femgineer hosted its last forum of the year at Wealthfront. The forum proved to be our most attended with over 60 people in the audience. WealthFront did a great job welcoming the community of Femgineers! Femgineers were greeted with an interactive registration display that showed their names all throughout the wall’s television monitors and displayed live tweets about the event throughout the evening. Besides the food and festive networking, many got a glimpse at Wealthfront and their company culture. Team ... Read more

Successfully Showcasing a Startup

Gone are the days of free soda,  snacks, and meals!  It’s not that engineers have suddenly become more demanding.  In fact many still don’t know their own value, especially femgineers... Joining a startup as an engineer used to primarily be about believing in the startup’s vision, team dynamics, technology stack, equity, salary, and role along with employee number.  These are still important factors, but the dynamics of decision making have dramatically deepened due to the increasing number of startups that are competing ... Read more
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