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How To Build A Pipeline Of Technical Talent

Interview With Jessica McKellar Engineering Manager at Dropbox There has been a lot of conversation in the tech community about how to build a pipeline of computer scientists for the next generation, bring awareness to groups that aren’t current represented and improve diversity numbers. While there’s been a lot of work and initiatives that have cropped…

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Do you cringe when you revisit your work?

Early in my career, I’d push a button: publish, send, or deploy, and then cheer that I was done. I could finally move on from that project I had been working on for weeks or months, and work on something new, more challenging, and cutting-edge. The only time revisited my work was when someone made…

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How to Handle The Great Problem of Growth

“The Problem of Growth”- Interview with Darin Swanson – VP Engineering, APM at New Relic, Inc.   What’s THE best problem to have hands down? Most people would say: growth. And I’d agree 100%. But it’s not as rosy as you’d imagine. Whether you’ve gone from a five-person garage startup to 15, 50 or 500 person…

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