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Copycat Products Are Good For Competition And Customers

When we come up with an idea, we’re super excited and think it’s original. Then after a couple conversations and a Google search, we discover that it’s already been done! By someone bigger, better, and with more resources than us. So what do we do? We tell ourselves, “Why even bother? We’ll just end up…

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How to Handle Grunt Work And Balance It With Growth Work

I hate grunt work. You know the work that you have to get done but it’s rote, so you’re not learning anything new or advancing yourself. Doing it feels like a waste of your time and energy. You wish you could sweep it under a run or pawn it off on someone else, but it…

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How to Prepare to Strike Out On Your Own and Pursue Your Creative Calling

Interview with Jesica Hische, lettering artist and author.   Have you contemplated leaving the comforts of a company to strike out on your own to pursue a creative calling? Perhaps you have an idea for a product or service. While there’s a strong pull to pursue it, hesitation maybe holding you back. You’re worried about…

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