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Why We Don’t Send Technical Talent to Speak at Conferences and Should

Last week I talked about why you don’t need to be an expert to speak. I also shared the Inventory Method with you, as a method for extracting your expertise, no matter what your experience level is. Are you eager to share your experiences at conferences and events, and participate in our upcoming Confident Communicator…

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How One UX Leader Faced Her Fears of Public Speaking and Telling Her Story—and Won

Tammy was tired of being nervous—it was the one challenge that she felt held her back from sharing her expertise as a leader, as well as opportunities for her to share her unique insight at conferences and industry panels. Her challenge boiled down to a classic case of imposter syndrome—the deceptive feeling of not having…

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How Creators Can Become Company Leaders

I’ve got a new episode of FemgineerTV for you! In this episode, we’ll be talking about why traditional CEOs have been replaced by a new breed called DEOs, design executive officers, and how companies are basically being led by executives who embrace design thinking. To help us out, I’ve invited Maria Giudice formerly the founder…

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