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How Practicing Creative Confidence Can Help You Embrace Risk

Interview with Maria Molfino, writer, podcaster, women’s leadership coach For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about personal advancement. I started out by posing the question: Are you asking for permission to advance? Followed by the question: Are you in a culture that values enforcement or empowerment? Then last week I wrote about why…

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Are you in a culture that values enforcement or empowerment?

Last week I explored the topic of asking for permission to advance. One reader mentioned that some people may be privileged to inform their bosses, but the rest would probably get fired if they informed instead of asked. Yes, it is a highly likely outcome. I say it’s highly likely, because it’s happened to me….

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How to Create a Leadership Style that Blends with Your Personality

“How to Build a Leadership Style for Your Personality” Interview with Lili Sarafan – CEO, Home Care Assistance It’s time for another new episode of FemgineerTV on leadership styles! You’ll recall in that in the last episode of FemgineerTV, I interviewed Maria Giudice the VP of Experience of Autodesk and author of The Rise of…

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