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Accessibility Design: 3 Keys To Designing For Accessibility

Wasn’t last week’s episode on accessibility design in product development enlightening? Well get ready for more! The goal of the last episode was to give you solid understanding of accessibility design, and all the relevant things you could think about when designing a product with accessibility in mind. But we understand it might be a lot…

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Accessibility Audit: Why Accessibility Needs To Be Prioritized In Product Design

Interview with Laura Allen, Accessibility Program Manager at Google for Chrome and the Chrome Operating System It’s a new month and with it a brand new theme for our upcoming Build episodes! When designing products we often think about usability: how easy to use a product is. But we often overlook another aspect of product…

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What Is Tech Debt And How Do You Manage It

Image it’s crunch time… you’re focused on shipping, so things like tech debt aren’t on your mind. Maybe you’re already thinking: “When is it NOT crunch time?!” You’ve got eager customers who are waiting for you to ship product, your teammates are desperate to complete the release and move on, and you don’t want to be the…

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