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Summer Roundup: Curated Tech Talks on Front-end Development, UX, and Startups

by Frances Advincula   I attended SenchaCon, my first tech conference, a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed, and I learned so much that I was inspired to compile this list of really great tech talks with a focus on front-end development and user experience. With summer almost over, here's your excuse to productively lounge by the pool or at the beach, with your iPad of course. Pixeltalks is a great blog that curates videos from presentations across the world in topics such as ... Read more

Learning to Build with Empathy: How to Think Like a User

by Frances Advincula At work, they push us quite hard about creating "breakthrough experiences." It is borrowed from Pragmatic Marketing's book Tuned In. Basically, it says that breakthrough experiences are found in products that offer solutions,  those that give customers those "aha!" moments wherein they realize we just helped them solve their problems.That sounds like a lot of manager-speak, but in the day to day life of a front end programmer such as myself, I think it translates to creating user experiences ... Read more

So you want that dream software engineering job? Here’s what to do.

by Frances Advincula I was anorexic in high school, and to start over in my efforts of recovery, I ran away to the other side of the world. I ended up turning down a scholarship to a private university and enrolled in a small, new college in Manila for undergrad. My parents rightfully worried I was throwing my future away. I worried about it too, but I think things turned out just fine. I love all the cutting edge things I get ... Read more

Lean In for Femgineers

by Frances Advincula Yes, I am writing a post inspired by Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In. I mean, how could I not? The gender disparity is quite possibly the most obvious in the tech industry. Just last week, a software engineer friend brought up that they had no women engineers in their startup!  A cause close to my heart, I could go on and on about how these companies are doing themselves a great disservice (“We Need More Women In Tech, ... Read more

How to be A Team-player in an Agile Team, Part 1

by Frances Advincula The  last few days was my first foray into the agile practice of the planning game, wherein stakeholders, programmers, and the rest of the team go in a room and brainstorm, think, talk, and fight in order to come up with what we are actually going to build. It was really mind opening to just see how the dynamics work -- the software architects and programmers tend to really have lots to say, because, well they're the ones going to ... Read more

The Tortoise & The Hare: Success Stories In Bootstrapping Women-Led Companies

By Angie Chang   It’s rare to hear the stories of slow-and-steady grown, bootstrapped businesses. Fortunately, the tide is turning - with talk of a Series A Crunch, the media spotlight turns to home-grown revenue-positive businesses. It’s enough to make us wonder if we’re starting to root for the steadfast tortoises of startup success stories instead of venture capital-hungry hares. Few startups today have bootstrapped their way to viable businesses success the way that Femgineer did. Today, Femgineer offers an 8-week long Lean Product ... Read more

I Don’t Want to be a Programmer

by Frances Advincula I am terribly lucky to have a lot of mentors, especially on the team that I am in. They are literally taking the adage "It takes a village to raise a child" to heart. Sadly for us, one of my mentors is leaving the team today in pursuit of other adventures in engineering land. The way the team started to mourn his decision really struck a chord in me. What made him so loved? I realized that he was not just a ... Read more

Femgineer Spotlight: Ginger Folker, Software Developer at Accenture

By Frances Advincula This week's Femgineer has a very special place in my heart. Ever since the first day of my internship, she has always been warm and welcoming. I know it's silly, but her being in my first few code reviews really helped not be so scared. Sometimes, we go out to lunch too. I know that seems trivial, but it's just nice to be able to talk to a fellow Femgineer about insecurities that I face as a newbie full-timer. ... Read more

Learning JavaScript: Resources for Future JS Ninjas

 If it is possible to make yourself into a great hacker, the way to do it may be to make the following deal with yourself: you never have to work on boring projects (unless your family will starve otherwise), and in return, you'll never allow yourself to do a half-assed job.  - Paul Graham Inspired by the quote above, this year, I chose to focus on my front-end development skills because that is the work I find myself enjoying the most. In a ... Read more

How Femgineers End the Year: By Becoming Better Developers

By Frances Advincula With all this nonsense about the world ending today, I couldn't help but chuckle at a post I saw on my Facebook feed, "I'm expecting the world to end with a bang, not a whimper." Although we definitely don't entertain such laughable notions, I think we could very well apply that to 2012 as it comes to a close. This year was a big "growing up" year for me. I got interviewed at a dream company, didn't get in, graduated, ... Read more
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