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Summer Roundup: Curated Tech Talks on Front-end Development, UX, and Startups

by Frances Advincula   I attended SenchaCon, my first tech conference, a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed, and I learned so much that I was inspired to compile this list of really great tech talks with a focus on front-end development and user experience. With summer almost over, here’s your excuse to productively lounge…

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Learning to Build with Empathy: How to Think Like a User

by Frances Advincula At work, they push us quite hard about creating “breakthrough experiences.” It is borrowed from Pragmatic Marketing’s book Tuned In. Basically, it says that breakthrough experiences are found in products that offer solutions,  those that give customers those “aha!” moments wherein they realize we just helped them solve their problems.That sounds like…

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So you want that dream software engineering job? Here’s what to do.

by Frances Advincula I was anorexic in high school, and to start over in my efforts of recovery, I ran away to the other side of the world. I ended up turning down a scholarship to a private university and enrolled in a small, new college in Manila for undergrad. My parents rightfully worried I…

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