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Why we are especially hard on ourselves on holidays

By Poornima Vijayashanker The holidays are around the corner, which means spending time with good friends and family sharing meals. But it can also be a pretty stressful time for many. One reader Meredith, recently wrote in to share what she’s going through, and I thought many of you would find it valuable. Meredith wrote: Hi Poornima Thanks for sharing your strategies for speaking up. They have helped me get through some challenging moments at work, but now I need help at home. To give you a little ... Read more

How Mattermark is Creating Market Intelligence for the Startup Community

By Poornima Vijayashanker We know that funding is critical for the life of a startup, and founders can opt to bootstrap or raise capital from VCs. Many do both as we saw in episode 8 when I interviewed Melody McCloskey. Then in episode 9, I spoke to Shruti Gandhi, the founding and managing partner at Array VC, a fund that invests in early stage startups. Shruti shared with us the different ways investors can help a company grow, plus tips for dealing ... Read more

Self-Publishing: A Series of Experiments + Endless Self-Promotion

By Poornima Vijayashanker Last year I had self-published my first book: How to Transform Your Ideas into Software Products. I took a lot of inspiration and advice from Charlie Hoehn’s post: How I’m Marketing My Self-Published Book and Nathan Barry’s book Authority. The following post is primarily dedicated to promotional tactics I’ve pursued with both my books. While you might think that writing a book takes a bulk of your time, promoting it takes a lot more. Having a publisher doesn’t mean that you’re ... Read more

Femgineer’s Fright Fest

By Poornima Vijayashanker It's one week until we launch our upcoming book: Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking But more importantly Halloween is right around the corner. So Karen and I decided to take a break from the book, and along with our dashing designer Pauly, created a fun video that's just a little scary for you! Read more

How Investors Add Value Beyond the Check

By Poornima Vijayashanker If you’ve been following along with FemgineerTV, you’ll have learned what the investor-founder dynamic is like from the viewpoint of an entrepreneur. In the last episode, I sat down with the CEO & co-founder of StyleSeat, Melody McCloskey, to understand what it takes to raise capital at the various stages of a startup, from Seed to Series A and beyond. In today’s episode, we’re going to get the opposite perspective by diving into an investor’s mindset. We’ll try to understand ... Read more

A Work in Progress

By Poornima Vijayashanker I took the picture above while I was touring the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona last month. The famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took over the project in 1883, and transformed it into his own architectural and engineering style. Gaudi continued to work on the church until his death, but to this day the church is incomplete. Many factors have contributed to the delay of its completion such as the Spanish Civil War in the 1950s and finding sources of ... Read more

What Trevor Noah Learns About Public Speaking in His First Episode

By Poornima Vijayashanker If you enjoy watching The Daily Show like me, then you were probably curious to watch the first episode last Monday with the new host, Trevor Noah. In the episode, Trevor’s first guest is Kevin Hart, a fellow comedian. At 2:27 in the clip, Trevor is amazed at Kevin’s success but mentions that he was always concerned about Kevin’s height… Kevin’s response: He mentions how someone once told him, “Man, you’re a lot smaller than I thought you was.” His response was priceless: ... Read more

What It Takes to Raise Capital for Your Startup

By Poornima Vijayashanker You’ve probably noticed the ongoing debate about whether or not we’re in a tech bubble. Headlines are always gushing about the latest companies with billion dollar valuations. There’s a lot of investment capital out there right now, and if you’re a startup founder who hopes to raise money, you might be wondering what it takes to attract some of that capital to you . You have to figure out what to say to attract investors, but here’s the thing: depending on ... Read more

The Art vs Science of User Experience Design

By Poornima Vijayashanker You might have used products that just get the job done. (Think Excel.) They compete with similar products on features, cost, and other mechanics. The problem is, these products become commodities and can lose their users to competition in a heartbeat. Meanwhile, there are standout products that are heralded as works of art. They inspire people and change lives, and consumers stick with these brands for a long time thanks to a glue called love. Most of us want to ... Read more

Why did you do it that way?

By Poornima Vijayashanker Have you ever been asked the question: “Why did you do it that way?” It’s one I get asked often. I don’t mind when people ask me. I sense that the person asking wants to understand my thought process and learn from me. So I think it's worthwhile taking the time to explain. There are times when people aren’t really inquisitive. Instead of asking, they just say, “WHY DID YOU DO IT THAT WAY?” You immediately feel like you’re put on the spot, ... Read more
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