Focus of Femgineer Forum’s Inaugural Event

Having a long career in tech and having had many roles, I’ve experienced, and have been presented with a number of issues that women in tech face such as:

  • Interviewing at male dominated companies
  • Communicating concerns effectively with supervisors
  • Crafting an ASK for an offer, promotion, raise, or just a change in role

While we can claim that tech is merit based there are many women who are highly skilled and very talented who do not receive the same attention as their counterparts.  The common methods of addressing these concerns such as panels, content, or simply pointing to aspirational figures such as Sheryl Sandberg or Marissa Mayer isn’t enough.  While we should continue to champion the efforts of those who are trying to attract more women into the field by teaching and supporting young women and girls, there is little to no support for women already in the field.  Women who have already begun their career or are mid-career need strategies and solutions to keep them motivated, and help them achieve the career they dream of!

We also don’t want to play the victim card, which is why the goal of the Femgineer Forum’s inaugural event is to provide strategies and suggestions to help women who struggle with these common topics.  While I do no claim to be a psychologist, I have personally dealt with a number of these situations.  Through my experience I’ve been able to effectively come up with a system of strategies that has helped me, and many other women in tech avoid settling, asking for what we need in order to be taken seriously, making six figures, and succeeding while still staying sane!

If you’re a highly skilled and talented women in tech, don’t stand in the way of your own success, learn the strategies you need to have the career you want!  Come to the first ever Femgineer Forum and learn compelling communication strategies.  Looking forward to kicking this series off with you!

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  1. Sujata 13 December, 2012 at 10:30 pm

    Enjoyed the first Femgineer Forum. Great format, content and advice!

  2. Poornima 13 December, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    Was great meeting you tonight Sujata! Looking forward to seeing you again soon :)

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