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What Dating Taught Me About Programming

by Frances Advincula I feel like the geek version of Taylor Swift, rattling on about boys and such, and how “we’re never ever getting back together.” But before you judge, let me tell you how this downward spiral started. I have been toying with new JavaScript frameworks, and oh boy, am I learning by mistake. In fact, a friend and I made a list of things not to do when you are working with this framework that aren't really obvious until you ... Read more

Do the Hardest Thing

Its no wonder I got a 19 on my first computer science midterm, I didn't learn the greedy algorithm!  Instead of doing what's easiest that will bring me the maximum benefit I always chose to pursue the hard path.  Even after dropping out of my first CS class, I forced myself to take summer school, and take the class again.  Then when most were dropping out of engineering school, I convinced myself into double majoring in electrical engineering and computer science ... Read more

Femgineer Forum Hosted by Twilio

It was great participating a couple weeks ago at the Bay Girl Geek Dinner emceed Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria and hosted by Atlassian.  The panelists:  Audra Eng, Catherine Norman, Patricia Nakache, Sarah Lacy, and myself covered a lot of ground thanks to our moderator Rebecca Buckman on topics that affect everyone in tech: ageism, mentorship, motherhood, career advancement, and building companies.  If you couldn't attend then you should definitely check out the amazing footage of the event captured by Atlassian in the video below. The event exposed a lot of ... Read more

Lean Product Development Workshop

I host a workshop once a month at General Assembly called Lean Product Development.  The purpose of the workshop is to help people who might be stuck sitting on an idea, and are wondering about how to bring it to reality.  When I tell people about the workshop I of course get pushback: "I don't need a workshop Poornima!  I'll  just learn it on my own.  I certainly don't know if its worth spending $150 so you can teach me."  Well that's ... Read more

Cramped Creativity

I've been thinking about creativity a lot lately, how to inspire and preserve it, and create a process to replicate it.  I know creativity requires randomness, which is part of my frustration.  My own creativity has emerged from being an early adopter of new ideas, and having a lot of varied experiences.  However, in the past 3 years I've been cycling through ideas, and have siloed myself into a routine when it comes to hobbies and work.  Also, as an early ... Read more

What Do Femgineers Care About?

I've been reaching out to a number of femgineers this month and meeting up with them on my travels through the US. Last night I received the wonderful gift of being taken out to dinner by Lady Coders.  We dined in downtown Seattle, and enjoyed an evening filled with conversations about code, and exchanged ideas on how to build company culture that is aware of work-life balance for everyone!  I couldn't help smile when I overheard someone at the table say "men deserve paternity ... Read more

Self-Discovery Happens When You’re Shunned

When I was 6 my parents bought their first house in a pretty friendly yet homogenous neighborhood. It didn't matter to them because they saw kids playing outside, and neighbors talking to each other. I loved it because it was safe and gave me a lot of freedom, like the freedom to ride my bike anywhere, and being able to knock on any kid's door and ask them to play. Then one day I had a bright idea, I asked my mom ... Read more

Vanessa Hurst: Developers for Good

by Frances Advincula Mentorship has been such a buzzword recently. We've all heard the long list of the benefits of having one -- guidance as  you navigate uncharted territory in your first few years as a professional, inspiration to take your career to a new level, and we could go on for forever. I know that I myself dream of having a long list of women in tech mentors, but unfortunately, for whatever reason, not all of us can have that privilege. But ... Read more

How to Adjust to a New Team

I recently had one of my readers write in and ask me the following question: "I just started a new engineering position, and my boss would like me to speak up to show the team that I'm knowledgeable.  I'm not sure what to do." Here's the letter I wrote back responding to my reader's question: Dear Femgineer Reader: First congratulations on the new gig! Coincidentally, I've been in your bosses position before so I understand where he is coming from.  I don't know him, but I'm ... Read more

Have Your LinkedIn Profile Tell a Story

I'm going to be doing an Interview Skills and Secrets workshop at HackBright next month.  To prepare the ladies for the workshop I gave them a homework assignment to make them more discoverable on LinkedIn to technical recruiters and hiring managers.  Below is a quick video of the assignment.  Use the tips to improve your profile, and make yourself more discoverable! Read more
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