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What Dating Taught Me About Programming

by Frances Advincula I feel like the geek version of Taylor Swift, rattling on about boys and such, and how “we’re never ever getting back together.” But before you judge, let me tell you how this downward spiral started. I have been toying with new JavaScript frameworks, and oh boy, am I learning by mistake….

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Do the Hardest Thing

Its no wonder I got a 19 on my first computer science midterm, I didn’t learn the greedy algorithm!  Instead of doing what’s easiest that will bring me the maximum benefit I always chose to pursue the hard path.  Even after dropping out of my first CS class, I forced myself to take summer school,…

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Femgineer Forum Hosted by Twilio

It was great participating a couple weeks ago at the Bay Girl Geek Dinner emceed Sukrutha Raman Bhadouria and hosted by Atlassian.  The panelists:  Audra Eng, Catherine Norman, Patricia Nakache, Sarah Lacy, and myself covered a lot of ground thanks to our moderator Rebecca Buckman on topics that affect everyone in tech: ageism, mentorship, motherhood, career advancement, and building companies.  If you…

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