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How to Keep Your Startup Engineer Sane

You worked hard to attract that so-called rock star engineer, thinking that they would be the golden goose who could bring your vision to reality, but now things have gotten rocky.  Iteration cycles are taking too long, buggy code is being shipped, or you find that your engineer is working on things that are not a priority.  Why don't they understand your ass is on-the-line?! Because you've probably made 1 of 3 mistakes: Have you changed your vision or product roadmap more than ... Read more

Solace in Solo Travel

Since I the age of 14 I began traveling by myself, which of course left my parents feeling extremely anxious while I felt freer than ever!  I would get on the plane, and head to debate camp for two weeks in different parts of the country.  I relished the freedom to discover a new town, make new friends, and be in unfamiliar surroundings. 15 years later I'm doing the same thing!  For two weeks or more out of every year I treat ... Read more