She++ Conference

Excited to be heading off to She++ at Stanford today!  The conference is hosted by an amazing group of young femgineers.  These young ladies have already recognized a dearth of femgineers in the Silicon Valley, and are taking steps towards inspiring their generation of women to get interested in engineering and the tech industry.  Their approach, pretty simple and courageous:

  • Find women leader in the tech industry and showcase them as role models
  • Luncheon to given the speakers and the young ladies a chance for mentorship
  • Educate a day in the life of a woman in tech by highlighting various careers

Honored to be a part of this conferences and will do my part to  help you young ladies out out!

Last night they hosted a dinner for the speakers and I was amazed at the thoughtfulness of the group.  They were systematically thinking about ways to decrease attrition rates from computer science classes, and motivating their peers to try out a computer science course.  Not sure who is mentoring whom :)

What was also fascinating to me was each of them sharing stories of how they got interested in engineering and technology.  The vast majority spoke about an early childhood experience with either a parent or adult figure who spent time with them and showed them how to build something.  It empowered them and arouse their curiosity.  That just might be the secret to she++.

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  1. Aaron 28 April, 2012 at 6:56 am

    Yesss the next generation of awesome ladies coming up to kick STEM butt

  2. Poornima 28 April, 2012 at 8:29 am

    @Aaron These ladies were amazing! Not only are they femgineers but they know how to throw an amazing event with great content and speakders. I’m excited for the future :)

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