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She++ Conference

Excited to be heading off to She++ at Stanford today!  The conference is hosted by an amazing group of young femgineers.  These young ladies have already recognized a dearth of femgineers in the Silicon Valley, and are taking steps towards inspiring their generation of women to get interested in engineering and the tech industry.  Their approach, pretty simple and courageous: Find women leader in the tech industry and showcase them as role models Luncheon to given the speakers and the young ladies a ... Read more

Growing Pains? Try Retooling.

Growth is fun and exciting in a startup, but it can also be just a little painful and scary. Its scary because people can't anticipate problems that arise from growth such as having customers, supporting them, answering their requests, and fixing the issues they experience with your product.  Or adding employees, training them, educating them on the vision of the company, keeping them motivated and collaborating with each other.  And then there's the product itself!  More customers are using it, and generating ... Read more

Why a CS major would want an MBA

I was initially a management major, but my college required one computer science class during our first semester. It was in that class, amidst loops and pointers, that I fell in love with programming. Soon, I switched my major to computer science. Now, I’m about to graduate as a software engineer, and I love what I do. I feel alive when I solve problems and create new things that improve people’s lives. I especially love the endorphin rush I experience ... Read more

Modesty in the Midst of Materialism

A couple days ago I had a pretty good conversation with another female founder who like me has been through a startup acquisition, to her credit a couple.  We gabbed about ways to market products better, tracking analytics, you know the usual Silicon Valley startup stuff...  Then the conversation turned a different direction.  We started to talk about how the two of us have decided to live a modest lifestyle despite having some financial success.  For the longest time I thought ... Read more

A War of Attrition

There's a cold war going on right now, and everyone knows it.  Its a talent war, and its happening right here in the high tech industry.  Its evidenced by the number of startup teams that are being bought and products being shut down.  I'm not going to delve into the war itself, and I'm also not going to talk about the logical merger of a mature startup into a larger company (a mature startup being one that I define as having ... Read more