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Celebrating Five Years of

Its been five years since I started I can vividly remember the process I went through when I was deciding on a name for the blog, I wanted something that would capture being feminine and an engineer, because my mission was to show women and girls that they could be an engineer and still have feminine qualities.  They didn’t need to change who they were because the field of engineering was male dominated. After a few funny back and ... Read more

People I Wanna Meet at SXSW 2012

Every year since 2010 I've met some pretty awesome people at SXSW from all over the world.  While everyone moans and groans about how big the conference gets, and how its spring break for tech geeks, I've found its the one conference I go to every year and meet the most interesting people. The reason I find these people fascinating is that they aren't just into the tech scene, rather they bring another discipline into it such as design, entrepreneurship, writing, food ... Read more