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Blurred vision is better than blindness

Everyone by this point knows that one of the primary tasks of a startup founder is to set the vision for the company.  Yes there are additional tasks such as keeping employees motivated, recruiting new talent, and good old fundraising.  But for now lets focus purely on setting the vision.  Initially, this is one of the hardest tasks because there are three things that determine the vision: What will the product be? Who will the product be for? How will the product and company ... Read more

If you want a free lunch, make it yourself!

In second grade I used to eat with all my friends.  We had a ritual of showing off what we had and trading items.  All through elementary school I thought my dad was the smartest guy in the world, and just knew anything and everything.  My mom was the one who usually packed my lunch, but there was one day my dad packed it, so I didn't think anything of it because I figured he knew what he was doing...  Well ... Read more

Culture of Constraints

In 4 days it will be the 1 year anniversary of launching BizeeBee my second startup. When I started BizeeBee I was determined to put in place engineering principles that I hadn't been able to at previous companies.  I also wanted to avoid a lot of bad practices that I had experienced throughout my career such as splitting the responsibilities of development and testing, and product bloat. I know most startups like to take the quick and dirty approach to product ... Read more