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Want a healthy and happy team? Welcome, spot, and resolve conflict.

The wonderful part of being in an early stage startup is that you get to be a part of a small team, you have a voice, you get to build, and you're all plugging along towards a common goal of creating something that adds value.  There are great problems to solve and you're all hi-fiving each other after you solve them and go out for beers to celebrate.  These are the precious moments that we all look forward to and its ... Read more

SXSW Panel: “That’s Not My Job: Being A Career Generalist”

I will be speaking on a panel Saturday March 12th at 5pm.  Click here for additional details: "That's Not My Job: Being A Career Generalist" Read more

Recruiting for a startup? First figure out who and what you want.

About once a week an email shows up in my inbox with question: "Know any engineers?"  followed by the requisite qualifier: "I'm looking for rockstars/hotshots/insert-ego-boosting-title-here for my startup."  Of course, I know people even people I'd consider rockstars or hotshots, but I don't know what you're looking for and I don't know if they'd be interested.  What's been more interesting to me is that while I could connect people I don't think that it necessarily translates to a successful hire or startup experience. ... Read more