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Presentation Skillz: Handling Audio and Video

Keeping an audience captivated is the number 1 goal of any presenter.  The content of your presentation takes a backseat to being captivating; no one is going to pay attention to what you are saying if you aren't interesting and engaging!  Being engaging requires energy and enthusiasm, which is easier to do in person because people absorb it through your body language and facial expressions.  But so many presentations today are done across a variety of technology mediums that it become ... Read more

Presentation Skillz

Many people have recently asked me for advice on presentation skills because I've had a number of speaking engagements so I figured I'd share some of my so-called skillz. I'll do a series of posts because the knowledge I have spans 16 years, and I want to give people the full spectrum. The rules of software product creation apply to presentations, the main goal of a presenter is to keep people engaged and coming back for more!  Sure there's an element of information ... Read more

An Outsider’s Outlook: Bringing People in to Brainstorm for your Startup

Today I woke up to find this email in my inbox: I just wanted to thank you for your time on Friday.  It really was a perfect time for us to be hearing your advice.  Some of the questions you asked about marketing touched off some incredibly productive conversations this weekend... not only about our marketing strategy but more importantly, our company strategy.  Here's to newfound focus! Basically a startup founder was thanking for me for spending about an hour and a half ... Read more