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Productivity == Happiness … for me

In kindergarten I was the kid that got sent home because I couldn't take naps.  Growing up I'd always be doing something: reading, writing short stories, riding my bike, or coming up with clever  ways to shirk doing Kumon math...  I was the only child for 6 years and had immigrant parents who worked a lot so I learned to entertain myself.  I find joy in having multiple projects going on at once: my startup, bikram yoga, training for a half ... Read more

Deploy 2010: 3’S to a Successful Launch

I'll be speaking at Deploy hosted by Seattle 2.0 on November 8, 2010.  Building upon a couple of my blog posts (Pre-Launch and Post-Launch) I will be speaking on the engineering execution for a successful Launch.  Here is an outline of the topics I will cover. 1. Stability Security: store and retrieve hashed password, encrypt sensitive information, field validation through JS, Ruby, Java, and DB constraints Bugs: prioritize mission  ... Read more

A Founder’s Life

On the first day of second grade, I woke up, packed my lunch, got on my bike, and went to school.  I started this trend in second grade, and I'm still doing it.  To this day, how I grew up is a mystery for my dad, and at dinner parties he'll mention that since the age of 6 I really haven't changed.  Once I got to middle school and high school both my parents got extremely busy working and commuting.  So ... Read more