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Why aren’t there more tech women?

I usually don't like to debate issues of gender or race, but the with the tech community buzzing about the dearth of women entrepreneurs and women in tech I decided it was time to throw in my two cents, after all I am a femgineer.  I think the community overall is conflating two issues into one: the lack of a group does not automatically fault the presence or abundance of another.  I also think people in general complain too much instead of ... Read more

When to be Scrappy

When I was 16 I asked my dad for a car because thats what 16 year-olds do in America, and because even though I went to a public high school everyone and their mom drove a BMW or a Bentley.  My dad put the kibosh on my dreams of being a teenage driver.  To him a car was a luxury and he didn't want me succumbing to the evils of peer pressure.  Trying to salvage what little pride I had left, ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Scaling Rails

I've heard a lot of horror stories regarding Rails development and how it has trouble scaling, my verdict is still out.  I also think code can be written inefficiently in any language (I'm certainly guilty of writing SQL queries that pull in too many records). I really enjoy developing in Rails.  I think Ruby is a very terse language and Rails is framework that helps developers achieve peak productivity.  So I'm trying an experiment with BizeeBee.  The team has been through 3 iterations.  At ... Read more

Fundraising and Feedback

Dave McClure's recent post on investing before product/market fit inspired me to address a few observations I've made as an entrepreneur when pitching to investors (angels and VCs), crafting my product proposal, and explaining the vision of my current startup. Risk and Rejection As a first time entrepreneur I understand that I'm seen as a huge risk, even though I was on the founding team of a startup that successfully exited recently.  I've pitched at several events and met with angels and VCs. ... Read more