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Retaining Startup Engineers

In my previous post I focused on the key issues to think about when recruiting a startup engineer.  In this post I'd like to shift focus on how to keep them. Engineers jump ship early for various reasons, its usually a combination of the following three: instability in management, unclear path to an exit, and work that is mindless and unyielding.  But there are those who stick around even if there isn't an end in the near term, there are periodic shakeups in ... Read more

Recruiting Startup Engineers

With the startup market taking off, there is always a clamor to find good engineers, developers, and designers.  People constantly ask if I know people, where to find the so-called 'startup-engineers', or even where the can find someone like me. Here are some things to think about for those on the recruiting side: 1. When to start recruiting? Engineers love to build, solve tough problems, and make progress.  If you're a founder who is still trying to grasp the product roadmap and create a ... Read more