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The American Kanavu

The minute you entered his room you left the sultry surroundings of Madras and entered a different world, one that resonated with who he wanted to become one day.  His bookshelves resembled a timeline.  One shelf started with John Locke and ended with Dan Brown in between it were Kerouac, Hemingway, and Steinbeck.  Another was filled with biographies of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Buffet, and Oprah.  He was a young man who grew up in the far east and dreamed ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Pitfalls of Prototyping in Rails

My last Ruby Tuesday post was pretty laudatory regarding prototyping in Rails.  In this post I'm switching gears and exposing the pains and limitations with Rails. The development team at my current startup is composed of engineers and designers, basically I make everyone on the team write code :D  I understand that Rails' benefit is in thinking from an MVC mindset.  But because it integrates all components its requires that all developers have some knowledge of a high level language (Java, Ruby), front-end ... Read more

From Duke to Mint: The Blue She-Devil and Successful Startup

Podcast of my talk to the Master of Engineering Management students in January 2010 is available on iTunes. Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Push Button Prototyping in Rails

I realize I've been neglectful in posting articles on Ruby development.  So back by popular demand I'm going to make an effort to resume the Ruby Tuesday series. For the past couples months I've been playing with Rails and have been building my product's prototype with it. The last time I created a prototype for a product I wrote it in Java.  The choice to write it in Java was simply because the founder and I knew how to write Java, and ... Read more

Startup Founder: Prepping, Prototyping, and Pitching

In 2 days I'll be celebrating my 6 month anniversary of leaving my last startup and working on my current one (cue Jay-Z).  Having been a startup engineer I knew I had to prepare myself for the transition to founder. The long hours of a startup engineer are drastically different from the long hours of a founder.  At least for myself, I spend the entire day context switching instead of coding.  In any given day I meet to pitch to investors, do usability ... Read more