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jQuery Basics

I'd been hearing a lot of buzz around jQuery and how much developers like it.  While I myself am not a front-end developer and prefer doing mostly back-end work in Java or Rail, after I saw jQuery in action at SXSWi I wanted to learn to code it in first hand. One of the reasons I never liked coding in JavaScript is because I didn't like it being dynamically typed language and having to deal with retrieving DOM elements based on their ... Read more

Post-Launch Prep

This is a follow-up to my prior post Pre-Launch Prep.  First, pat yourself on the back for making it through the launch!  Now let's focus on next steps.  The product team’s job is to create and design features that will keep users engaged, and engineering team’s job is to make users happy.  Happiness == (bug free  && accurate data && responsive site).   1. Squash big bugs first! Grep the logs and count the number of Exceptions or Errors then have it!  Best to ... Read more


Being at the ground floor of a startup is the best, not that I’ve ever come in at a later stage, but having gone through the full lifecycle of one startup I can vouch for the beginning being the most exciting and romantic period.  You define the product, engage with users, research technologies to use to build your product, and build the company culture.  It can be daunting to take on all of these tasks, which is why it’s important to ... Read more

SXSWi iPhone Insights

At the SXSWi conference this past week I attended a lot of great talks on iPhone applications that covered its user experience, development, and how to create apps that emulate the features of a native app but are quicker and easier to create. User Experience Josh Clark's talk on creating apps that are "TapWorthy Applications" was one of the best talks I attended. The following categories have successful iPhone applications because they focus on what the user wants to accomplish while "on-the-go": microtasking capturing lost time location based entertainment Each ... Read more

Living Life on Your Own Terms Requires Work.

When I tell people I'm starting a company they somehow think I'm taking a huge risk. To me it's the next logical move for my career. I could have gone back and finished the masters I quit three years ago, applied to B-school, or gone and worked at another startup or big company. But none of those options seemed romantic.  At this point in my life I don't have anything to lose, I don't have any traditional obligations: kids, mortgage, or ... Read more


Focus is one of the keys to success.  All-star athletes and entrepreneurs practice it day in and day out until the big win.  It's not just about keeping your eye on the prize, it's setting goals and thinking about the execution of them and not letting anything distract you while you're executing. My senior year of high school I came up with a list of three goals I wanted to accomplish by the end of the year: be commencement speaker, win Texas ... Read more