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Ruby Tuesday: Podcast

I find it hard to learn with just one medium like a classroom or a book.  I need multiple sources of information to drill home a subject (I could of course just be dense).  I started learning Ruby on Rails with tutorials, which are great if you want to learn a few things and do it quickly (and also to kill time while you are waiting on Amazon to deliver your Ruby book).  But tutorials aren't enough to understand the depth ... Read more

Takeaways from Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference

Today I attend the Girls in Tech: Catalyst Conference at the Common Wealth Club in San Francisco.  It was a great meeting ground for all girls in tech.  I was introduced to VCs, CEOs, and of course fellow femgineers!  My panel was: "Curious About Coding & Developing: Developing Creativity & Building a Business."  Here is what I learned from the Q&A period and hallway conversations I had with other girls: 1. Women want to code! 2. Entrepreneurs want to understand where they can ... Read more

Charming Los Gatos

Tired of the peninsula and SF startup scene and eager to meet new clients in other parts of the Bay Area, I left rainy Palo Alto, and high-tailed it down 85-S and then 17-S to work in Los Gatos, and was pleasantly greeted by blue skies.  Los Gatos downtown is a neighborhood that despite being in Silicon Valley isn't too techie.  I wonder where all the wealth there comes from?  And wealthy indeed these people are  (I took pains to parallel ... Read more

Book Review: BakedIn

Marketing is essentially telling a story and conveying a message to customers and users about a product or a company.  But how do you tell a compelling enough story when there are 50,000+ products out there each competing for a slice of the market?  Perhaps it would be easier to get a slice of the pie if you're marketing strategy was baked into your product.  The strategies for doing so are highlighted in my latest read: BakedIn. The authors discuss 28 rules that ... Read more

Ruby Tuesday: Test Driving Ruby on Rails

I've been getting feedback from my fellow femgineers that they enjoyed Ruby Bootcamp Basics, and they want more info on Ruby and Rails.  So I'm starting a series on my blog called Ruby Tuesday, I'll spend anywhere from a couple hours to the entire day reading, writing, and researching Ruby and Rails and then blog about my findings. I've also gotten some feedback from my girlfriends who are in tech, who aren't formal femgineers (i.e. the don't have an engineering degree or work ... Read more

Timeline: – 2009

This is the last installment of the Timeline.   As many of you already know Mint was acquired by competitor Intuit in September of 2009.  Mint will continue to live on as a product that helps its users do more with their money.  I myself have enjoyed the experience tremendously,  2009 was indeed an interesting and eventful year.  Today Aaron reviewed the goals and accomplishments from 2009: increase customer acquisition, delivery a quality product, and improve revenue numbers.  I'd say we've ... Read more