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Timeline: – 2008

At the start of 2008 the primary goals for were to deliver a complete personal finance solution, increase customer acquisition, and grow its revenue.  What this meant in terms of features was that we would put out an investments tab, increase or PR efforts to have Mint known as a name brand in every American household, and improve our offer management system by introducing "Way to Save". What started out as a problem for Aaron Patzer, managing personal finances quickly and ... Read more

Timeline: – Winter 2007

The fall and winter months of 2007 were filled with Mint riding the wave of a successful launch at TechCrunch.  It catapults the small startup of less than 15 people into the rankings of personal finance products.  Competitors and investors start to take an increased interest in Mint.  The PR campaign led by Atomic PR helps the company grow its user base outside of the Valley. October 2007 - More investors are excited about the success of Mint, and start contacting us ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part III – Salerno

Day 3: We awoke determined to not fall prey to jet lag. I had looked at the ferry schedule the night before, and decided that I wanted to take the earliest ferry to Salerno so that we would have plenty of time to sightsee, go to the beach, and make it back to the last ferry. I was also debating on whether I wanted to spend tomorrow in Amalfi town or sailing along the coast. After packing the accouterments we needed for our ... Read more

Cowboy Coders

Despite being from Texas, I'm not a cowgal coder, but this cartoon made me laugh out loud the minute I read it: Read more

Interview with Kate McKinley

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow femgineer, Kate McKinley, a security consultant at iSec Partners.  As I was waiting in line for my daily latte at Dana Street, Kate came up to me and complimented me on my new pair of leather heels from Greece.  We struck up a conversation, and I was instantly curious to learn from this tall brunette about security, and what had inspired her to become a femgineer.  So I took Kate out to ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part II – Arriving on the Amalfi Coast

Day 1: We arrived in Rome sleep deprived and overheated.  We hadn't bothered to check the forecast before leaving.  I was sweating the moment I got off the plane, it was in the 90s.  We quickly headed for the train station Roma Termini, which is about 30 minutes away from the airport.  My Italian was rusty, but Jason's was decent so he walked up to train ticket machine, and bought a ticket for our next destination Napoli (Naples). We rode in second class, ... Read more

Timeline: – Summer 2007

The launch date for Mint still had not been set, and it had slipped first from March 2007 to tax time, and then again to the summer.  The slip was fortuitous.  Prior to launch Mint's primary concern was security, handling user's financial data is a sensitive matter, the secondary concern was distribution.  Unlike social network startups Mint did not have the built in virality.  Spreading it by word of month was the best it could do given the size of the ... Read more

When to Build and When to Buy

Checkout the presentation I gave at Code Camp today! Hope you enjoyed it, and please feel free to email me feedback! Read more