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Presentation for Code Camp ’09

This year at Code Camp, I will be presenting the topic "When to Build and When to Buy", which will explore the trade-offs associated with either buying software as a service or building an internal tool to meet your business' needs.  This is especially important for cash strapped startups that are trying to keep their burn rate down, or even for larger companies that are trying to cut costs during a recession. Here are some of the key areas I will focus ... Read more

Timeline: – Spring 2007

2007 began slowly, but started to pick up as the year progressed.  Originally, Aaron Patzer wanted to launch before tax time, because he envisioned that at the start of the year users are very keen on making New Years resolutions, especially those that deal with finances, ultimately leading up to tax time.  Although Mint was not going to compete with Turbo Tax product, Aaron still thought that the beginning of the year was the right time to launch.  He also ... Read more

Timeline: – 2006

2006 was a year of firsts for aka  It was the year Mint Software Inc. was officially incorporated, it received its seed round of funding, and formed the initial members of the Mint family.  And it was the year I officially joined Mint as "#2". January 2006 - Aaron starts meeting with people who have VC contacts to discuss his business plan and see if they can connect him.  He hopes that he can get funded with a concept, but ... Read more

Timeline: – 2005

I was the second engineer, third employee at, and lone femgineer. is  in the midst of being acquired by long time rival Intuit.  This was my first startup, and the past three years have been a very unique and fulfilling experience.  In the following posts I will chronicle the major events in the life of that have led up to last Friday's Intuit acquisition. November 2005 - Aaron Patzer, turns 25 and starts thinking of his next big career ... Read more

A Femgineer’s Adventures in Italia: Part I – Trip Planning

I spent the last two weeks traveling to Italy, and when I got back there was a fervor amongst my friends and co-workers to know more about my trip, see pictures, and even start a travel blog!  I've decided to do a series of posts to satisfy every one's curiosity :) Over three years ago I had dream to travel to Italy, stroll through the warm Tuscan countryside, visit the grandiose monuments in Rome, eat copious amounts of pasta and Italian pastries, ... Read more

The Importance of Readability

When I first started coding I believed it was good enough to get stuff working, and then move on to solving the next problem.  I'd spend a little time designing, but most of my time implementing and testing.  My primary concerns were correctness followed by efficiency.  I didn't see the point in re-factoring code until it was time to add new functionality or modules became incompatible or worse incomprehensible!  However, once I started to work in a team that was growing ... Read more