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Presentation for Code Camp ’09

This year at Code Camp, I will be presenting the topic “When to Build and When to Buy”, which will explore the trade-offs associated with either buying software as a service or building an internal tool to meet your business’ needs.  This is especially important for cash strapped startups that are trying to keep their…

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Timeline: Mint.com – Spring 2007

2007 began slowly, but started to pick up as the year progressed.  Originally, Aaron Patzer wanted to launch Mint.com before tax time, because he envisioned that at the start of the year users are very keen on making New Years resolutions, especially those that deal with finances, ultimately leading up to tax time.  Although Mint…

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Timeline: Mint.com – 2006

2006 was a year of firsts for Mint.com aka myMint.com.  It was the year Mint Software Inc. was officially incorporated, it received its seed round of funding, and formed the initial members of the Mint family.  And it was the year I officially joined Mint as “#2”. January 2006 – Aaron starts meeting with people…

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