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Table Tips

Everyone once in awhile I get have to go for coding mode to designing and writing HTML and CSS for an internal tool or translating it into Velocity.  I've learned to use Firebug to debug most HTML and CSS issues.  Lately, I've been running into table formatting and layout issues, here are few tags and settings you can use or play with to help you resolve yours. 1.  rowspace: when this attribute is used, usually defining a table cell, it will take ... Read more

Technical Interviewing 101

Having been at for nearly 3 years I have had the unique opportunity of interviewing each of my bosses, and several of my co-workers.  Not to sound like a sycophant, but there is a reason why we hired each one of them.  During the interview process they surpassed all their peers in terms of having a passion for technology, engineering aptitude, stellar communication skills, and being curious enough to try the product prior to the interview!  I realize that not ... Read more

Teaching non-techies how to make trade-offs

The one mantra I left undergrad chanting was, "it depends."  Translation: for any given problem the solution involves making trade-offs; space vs. time, time vs. money, quality vs. quick and dirty.  Most programmers think in terms of trade-offs, because they are constantly faced with limited resources whether its memory, disk space, or the scarcest resource of all: time.  The same cannot be said for the non-techies you work with.  This isn't a character flaw, its just a manner of thinking, most ... Read more