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Warrior Women

In one of my favorite TV shows of all time Firefly Wash is being intensely interrogated, and the interrogator asks Wash about his relationship with his wife Zoe, Wash responds rhetorically with a look of pride, "Have you ever been with a warrior woman?"   I personally have never been with a warrior woman, but this evening I attended the Anita Borg Awards in San Jose, and was in the presence of a warrior woman, Padmasree Warrior, the CTO of Cisco. ... Read more

Class Cast Exception is a Proxy Problem

I often face the following exception in Hibernate not on my local developer machine, but in production across several servers: java.lang.ClassCastException: mint.hibernate.MathCourse$$EnhancerByCGLIB$$ed898f0d This happens when I try to do something like this: Set<Courses> courses = getCoursesDao().getCourses(userId); for (Course c : courses) { MathCourse mc = (MathCourse) course; // do something with mc } Assume MathCourse is a subclass of the abstract parent class Course. The gist of the problem is that Hibernate is trying to optimize and avoid going to the database by returning a proxy object. However, a ... Read more

15 Ways to Speed Up Your Front-End

Last week I attend the Percona conference in Santa Clara.  The purpose of this conference was to talk about performance related to databases specifically mySQL.  Most of the talks went over my head.  However, there was one talk I attended "Website on Speed" by Philip Tellis from Yahoo! that I thought was outstanding.  In his 20 minute presentation he covered some key optimization techniques to speed up website and improve latency for users, that don't require time-consuming back-end database restructuring.  Here ... Read more