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Feather Weight Hibernate Objects

In my previous post Cheap Tricks to Fullfill Your Need for Speed, I talked about how you could reduce the memory footprint of your data base query by using a SQL query instead of a Hibernate query, and retrieve only the columns that are you need. However, there maybe times when you actually want to use a pojo, and retrieving columns and storing them in an object array is insufficient. One solution is to create a feather weight Hibernate object. A feather ... Read more

Presentation for Code Camp ‘08

Part III. Rapid Development I’ve covered three of the areas that are very important to becoming a web-service (latency, throughput, and quality), and I’m sure this seems daunting or overwhelming. But keep in mind I’m talking about how Mint’s code and service evolved; we didn’t do everything at once because we did not have the resources or the time. As Mint started maturing there were two areas that we stressed: Manageability: keeping the code and data base clean, and extensible in case features ... Read more