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Cheap Tricks to Fullfill Your Need for Speed

As I’ve mentioned countless times, the performance of a website can really make or break a user’s experience. Everyone places emphasis on tuning and sharding databases, and buying multi-threaded and multi-core processors. These are all viable solutions but they are either pricey or labor intensive. So what are some quick and clean ways to improve…

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Presentation for Code Camp ‘08

Part II. Web Application to Web Service Creating a prototype is very challenging, but its not sufficient. Many companies fail to actually create a service, because they simply take a prototype and add more features to satisfy the demands of the users. Transforming a prototype into a product is what I call the app to…

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Trade-offs in Unit Testing – Part II Stubs

After spending a couple days implementing test cases using Mock objects, I switched to testing using stubs, because I still needed to verify the functionality of the code. It took me only a few hours to write the test cases I needed using stubs, and with and IDE it’s even easier. But I don’t think…

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