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Cheap Tricks to Fullfill Your Need for Speed

As I’ve mentioned countless times, the performance of a website can really make or break a user’s experience. Everyone places emphasis on tuning and sharding databases, and buying multi-threaded and multi-core processors. These are all viable solutions but they are either pricey or labor intensive. So what are some quick and clean ways to improve the performance of your web app or web service? Start with the slowest moving part and work from there, disk I/O, or more specifically data base access ... Read more

Presentation for Code Camp ‘08

Part II. Web Application to Web Service Creating a prototype is very challenging, but its not sufficient. Many companies fail to actually create a service, because they simply take a prototype and add more features to satisfy the demands of the users. Transforming a prototype into a product is what I call the app to service phase, and it takes more than just piling on features. An application is just a point tool that a user uses to complete a few simple ... Read more

Trade-offs in Unit Testing – Part II Stubs

After spending a couple days implementing test cases using Mock objects, I switched to testing using stubs, because I still needed to verify the functionality of the code. It took me only a few hours to write the test cases I needed using stubs, and with and IDE it’s even easier. But I don’t think its a fair assessment to compare using Mocks to Stubs because each tool is used for a different purpose (behavioral vs. functional). However, I did notice one very ... Read more

Presentation for Code Camp ‘08

I will be giving a presentation at Code Camp in about one month. The title of my presentation is “The Evolution of a Scrappy Startup to a Successful Web Service”. In the following posts I will attempt to flush out some of the ideas I plan on presenting. Please feel free to comment on my ideas and provide feedback. Part I: Prototyping I remember Mint’s alpha launch as if it were yesterday even though it was almost two years. The main purpose of ... Read more

Territorial Women

When I was a senior at Duke I was determined to be my own woman. In my mind I thought it would be the last year of my life that I would be living my life on my own terms and not have anyone to answer to; I had the freedom to set my own goals, and work towards my own success. At the time I thought I was making the right decision. Having my own life and my own territory was ... Read more