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Performance: Part I Develop a Monitoring Scheme

Two years ago Aaron Patzer was frustrated with Quicken and Money, because setting up the service alone took over an hour. His painful experience led him to ditch both these products, and create his own product, in hopes of delivering a faster and more useful personal financial service. Unfortunately, not everyone is a programmer, who can automate a tedious task, and not all tasks can be automated through software. Hence bad products continue to perpetuate the marketplace, and users are ... Read more

Trade-offs in Unit Testing – Part III Stub Objects

I understand that no one likes to write test cases. For most developers its tied with debugging as their least favorite activity, because they just want to focus on algorithms, and writing code; thats the fun stuff. But I don’t think developers understand the importance of writing test cases. The more test cases you write the more time you have to develop! I know it sounds counter-intuitive. But the reasoning is the more test cases you write, the fewer bugs you ... Read more

Part II – Trade-off to using Mock Objects

I spent a week testing the security framework at Mint.  I chose Mock objects as the methodology for testing because I wanted to test that when a user logs in a certain set of methods is called (i.e. there was clearly an expected behavior I was aiming to test).  Being very familiar with the architecture of the code base I knew the levels of hierarchy that needed to be traversed for a user to successfully log in, and thus my test ... Read more