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Code loving girl meets design loving boy

Once upon time there was a girl who sat in her cube, and coded all day and night. She loved it, nothing brought her more joy and happiness. Then one day a boy came and sat in the cube across from her, he loved to design, but also liked to tease the coding loving girl. The girl thought the boy was goofy and distracted her from her passion. One summer day the girl came in, and coded away for a few hours. ... Read more

Demystifying Debugging

Part I: Principles of Debugging As fate would have it I run into fellow developers all over the world. For example, I traveled all the way to Buenos Aires to study Spanish and get away from the tech-centric bay area and its ubiquitous engineers; ironically on the first day of my Spanish class I sat next to Rob, the software developer, from Chicago. When our teacher asked us what we did both of us remarked that we were developers, only Rob responded ... Read more

Resolution for 2008

Every year I make one resolution; unlike most resolutions mine isn’t a concrete, its just a simple abstract statement of what I wish to accomplish or improve about myself through out the year. This year my resolution was to push my comfort zone, which involves putting myself in situations that I would normally back away from either due to shyness, fear, or apathy. Now that over two months have passed I’d like to take stock of a few events in my life ... Read more