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The dictionary defines resiliency as being the ability to spring back from, and successfully adapt to adversity.  Adversity is defined as a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty.  The mere definition of adversity leaves one feeling fatalistic.  How can someone be resilient in the face of adversity, especially if it is a condition that happens more than once?  But there are people out there who are resilient.  How do they do it?  What makes them stay optimistic, while ... Read more

5 Simple things I’m thankful for

Tomorrow in the words of Hank Rearden is the “Producer’s Holiday” or as many of you know to be, “Thanksgiving”.  In either sense of the holiday, I am thankful for the following: 5. because it gives my life purpose. 4. Friends: old and new, for being wonderful, interesting, and memorable. 3. Bikram Yoga: something about working out in a 105 degree room that seems to alleviate stress and make life manageable. 2. Chocolate & Steak: without which I’d lack color and strength :p 1. Technology: ... Read more

How hobbies help in the pursuit of happiness

Last night I went to dinner with a new girl I had befriended. She’s new to the area, and just getting settled in. While on the topic of finding fun things to do in the bay area and meeting people I mentioned that I’m usually never bored, because I have a lot of hobbies; there’s never a dull moment working for a startup, but on top of that I have my blog, I do Bikram yoga, run 2-3 times a week, ... Read more

Her World – Installment 4

He approached her first as she was talking to Drew. “Look who decided to show up to the party,” Drew said trying to break the ice between the two, “well I’m going to go now, I’ll talk to you later Jenna.” As Drew walked away Jenna looked up at him. He had the same look he had had years ago, his soft eyes, and pleasant smiled had gone unchanged. “I didn’t know this was your rehearsal dinner, honestly. I suspected but - ... Read more

Her World – Installment 3

“Hey babe, you almost ready?”  Josh shouted into the intercom. “Almost, come on in - ” Jenna was interrupted by the buzzer. Josh climbed the flights thinking, why does a woman who’s independently wealthy climb all these steps each day, when she could probably afford a penthouse suit or a building with an elevator. “Hello there, ” Jenna greeted Josh at the door, “Can I get you anything?” “I’m good, but we should head out soon, the dinner is going to start, and Aidan’s the ... Read more

Unix Tips & Tricks

I’ve spent the last week in Unix system land, and boy has it been painful! I thought I’d share some of the tips and tricks to save time and aggravation. 1. If you’re coding on a Windows machine, and you hear that annoying “BEEP” everytime you make a mistake in mysql or in a command prompt save yourself from being embarrassed and infuriating your co-works by typing: >net stop beep 2. Trying to connect to a port that is already in use results in ... Read more


he past few months have been filled with excitement mostly due to launching, meeting new friends, traveling, and just enjoying life overall. But despite all the success, and exhilaration I find myself wanting more challenges. I love engineering and what I do. But something in me craves a new obstacle to conquer or to go through some sort of change. When I was around 10 my dad told me, “if you’re this way now, you’ll never be satisfied in life.” He ... Read more